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Asset Management
25 June 2024

St James's Place Unveils New Lumina Portfolio Range

The approach is designed to provide a simpler path to building long-term wealth, the...

Investment Strategies
25 June 2024

OPINION OF THE WEEK: Rates Aren't Dropping To Pre-Pandemic Levels – And That's Good

For a whole range of reasons, going back to the rate levels that existed before the Covid calamity...

M and A
25 June 2024

Merger-Enlarged TrustQuay Has Brand Makeover

The expanded firm has more than 600 international firms as clients. ...

Alt Investments
24 June 2024

Emerging Market Hedge Fund Gains Accelerate Through May – HFR

Among other figures, data showed that assets under management in the emerging market hedge fund...

M and A
24 June 2024

ABN AMRO Eyes Another German Private Bank Purchase – Media

Europe's largest economy is an important wealth sector, and several banking groups see it as a...

New Products
24 June 2024

What’s New In Investments, Funds? – Invesco

The latest news in investment offerings, financial products and other services relative to wealth...

24 June 2024

UK Inheritance Tax Receipts Keep Rising – Reactions

Wealth managers react to latest figures from HM Revenue and Customs, showing another rise on the...

People Moves
24 June 2024

Indosuez WM Names New Hong Kong Branch Chief Executive

The new CEO, who will be taking up the role from the beginning of September, has been at the...

Company Profiles
24 June 2024

BNY Pershing Sets Out EMEA Revenue Ambitions

The wealth management sector is evolving, and the US-headquartered firm, with operations in regions...

24 June 2024

Caribbean Jurisdiction Tightens Golden Visa Due Diligence

Such measures are signs of how certain jurisdictions operating these programmes have been under...

Comment & Analysis results for Archive

Alt Investments
4 June 2024

An Expert Sparring Partner For Wealthy Investors In Alternatives

A Germany-headquartered multi-family office, which won a capital market licence earlier this year,...

M and A
29 May 2024

Swiss Bank Consolidation Chatter Shows How Scale Dominates Thinking

Regardless of the truth of specific rumours and media stories, the idea that more Swiss banks might...

14 May 2024

Exclusive: FIS Focuses On AI’s Wealth Management Role

Russell Andrews, head of wealth and asset management EMEA, capital markets at Florida-headquartered...

9 May 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Spotlight On Regenerative Agriculture, Forestry – SLM Partners

Paul McMahon, a co-founder and managing partner of asset manager SLM Partners, discusses why there...

17 April 2024

How Citizenship/Residency-By Investment Programmes Evolved - And What's Next

A marker for globalisation and the degree of unfettered movement that people enjoy, the market for...

Investment Strategies
5 March 2024

Managing Autocracy Risk Is Big Wealth Protector

A quick perusal of news headlines underscores why the risk of holding firms exposed to...

19 February 2024

IQ-EQ Says US Wealth, Family Offices Sector Holds Big Opportunities

We talk to the group about its views on the potential, and the needs, of sectors such as US family...

16 February 2024

Singapore's Seviora Capital Intensifies Focus On Asian Food, Agriculture

Asia, which is home to 60 per cent of the world’s population, will need to produce more using...

Wealth Strategies
15 February 2024

Money Market Funds Get Chance To Shine

A variety of forces have encouraged large inflows into money market funds, for example in the US....

5 February 2024

How T3 Experts See Artificial Intelligence

AI may not have dominated discussions at the recent annual T3 conference in Las Vegas, but...