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12 April 2024

UK's Non-Dom System Is Doomed, But Replacement System May Have Silver Lining – Lawyer

With a four-year period, a new temporary residence system proposed in the UK for wealthy...

10 April 2024

UK Opposition's Tax Hit On Non-Doms Likely To Encourage Exodus, Say Lawyers

The UK's non-dom system is on the way out, and now it turns out that the opposition Labour Party...

7 March 2024

Wealth Managers React To UK Spring Budget, Controversy Flies Over Non-Dom Abolition

After the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt delivered the Spring Budget to the House of...

5 March 2024

UK Spring Budget Preview – What Wealth Managers Expect

As UK Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt is poised to deliver the Spring Budget to the House...

29 February 2024

Hong Kong Raises Income Tax On Top Earners

Although the budget statement contained a variety of measures referring to work being carried out...

15 February 2024

PODCAST: UK Residency Planning – In Conversation With Standard Chartered

The UK-headquartered bank invited this publication's editor to discuss issues including the...

12 February 2024

UK Tax – Investigating Income From HNW Individuals At Record High

As UK chancellor of the exchequer Jeremy Hunt prepares the Spring budget on 6 March, and as HMRC...

6 February 2024

IHT Top Concern For Wealthy Individuals – RBC WM

New research released this week by RBC Wealth Management (part of the Royal Bank of Canada) looks...

25 January 2024

UK Inheritance Tax In Focus As Receipts Rise

After the UK government’s tax authority released its inheritance tax receipts for the period...

17 January 2024

WEALTH TALK: Why The UK's Non-Dom Regime Needs Reform, Not Abolition


Comment & Analysis results for Tax

9 October 2023

Sparing No One: Cross-Border Taxation of Globally Mobile Individuals – Part 2

This article continues to examine – via the circumstances of Prince Harry and Meghan, the...

6 October 2023

Sparing No One: Cross-Border Taxation of Globally Mobile Individuals - Part 1

This is the first of a highly detailed examination of cross-border tax issues for individuals...

21 February 2023

Soaring Inheritance Tax Receipts Highlight Need For Reform

Inheritance tax receipts are rising, and this suggests that tax brackets are capturing a wider...

23 February 2022

As UK Raises Taxes, Where Do Venture Capital Trusts Fit In?

Investment vehicles that have certain tax advantages over time are more popular when certain...

8 November 2021

Women And Wealth: Minimising The Inheritance Tax Burden

This practitioner examines the knowledge gap between women and men where IHT is concerned; and what...

26 October 2021

Undisclosed Digital Assets? - Decision Time Is Now

Anyone who bought into the idea that cryptocurrencies - aka digital assets - such as bitcoin cannot...

25 June 2021

Do The Super-Rich Really Only Pay A 3.4 Per Cent Tax Rate?

The group called ProPublica recently claimed that data on America's 25 richest people showed that...

24 June 2021

Scientist's Tax Offset Delivers Cultural, Family Value

Sometimes objects and their owners have earned a special place in our history and national life....

15 June 2021

Why Entrepreneurs Contemplate Leaving Germany - Commentary

Germany holds national elections in September, and opinion polls point towards the ascent of...

27 May 2021

A Global Minimum Corporate Tax Rate - Smart Policy Or "Tax Cartel"?

Setting a global minimum corporate tax rate among major industrialised nations has the certain...