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Latest Comment & Analysis

21 March 2023

Developments In Private Bank RegTech – Views From The Experts

Regulatory technology – software that a private bank has to use in order to produce information and analyse it at the behest of regulators – is evolving by leaps and bounds. ...

10 March 2023

Time To Change Cross-Border Marketing For Fundraising? A Swiss Example

New Swiss rules affecting external asset managers also have implications for foreign fund distributors and how they directly deal with Swiss high net worth individuals. This article outlines some of the unavoida...

9 March 2023

Exclusive: Biotech Sector To Take Off In 2023

Swiss-based BB Biotech’s head investment manager, Daniel Koller, talks to this news publication about the buying opportunity being created by low valuations in the biotech sector.  ...

6 March 2023

The Squeeze On Investment Visas – What Should Happen Now?

With these programmes, the subject of this interview says, the benefit is not just in the initial investment but all the investments later on, the taxes paid, the money spent in the economy, and the jobs created...

Asset Management
6 March 2023

Comgest's Mood Brightens For Europe, Asia Investments

After a strong start to global stock markets, Franz Weis chief investment officer at Comgest, a growth investor, discusses with this publication in Paris the outlook for 2023 and investment opportunities in Euro...

Trust Estate
3 March 2023

Challenges For Multi-Generational Families Over Succession

A take-home point from this article is that for multi-generational family firms to navigate succession smoothly, planning is key. ...

Latest News

22 March 2023

Family Businesses See Biggest Growth Increase In 15 Years – PwC Survey

PwC has released its 11th Global Family Business Survey, entitled Transform to Build Trust, covering over 2,000 family businesses across 82 countries between October 2022 to January 2023. ...

Banking Crisis
21 March 2023

Investors Digest Credit Suisse Deal; UBS Shares Recover

Markets were initially rattled by the UBS purchase of Credit Suisse, and wondered whether this would be enough to erase worries. Equity prices later recovered, with UBS ending higher on the day. ...

Alt Investments
21 March 2023

In Tough Times, Private Market Secondaries Can Shine

The venture capital, private equity and other parts of the "private markets" space have been jolted by rising interest rates and, of course, the drama around Silicon Valley Bank. We talk to a Swiss firm playing ...

Real Estate
21 March 2023

What’s New In Investments, Funds? – Nuveen

The latest news in investment offerings, financial products and other services relative to wealth advisors and their clients. ...

21 March 2023

The ESG Phenomenon: IQ-EQ Study

The latest developments in the ESG space. ...

Financial Results
21 March 2023

Profits Rise At LGT Despite Economic Headwinds

The firm also reported a rise in the amount of net inflows. At a time when some private banks have suffered well-publicised problems, LGT's figures appear a model of robustness. ...