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14 January 2022

Wealth Industry's Force For Environmental Good Accelerates

We talk to an investment firm at the cutting edge of putting money to work in businesses that cut the use of carbon and promote a cleaner planet. ...

23 December 2021

Updated Forward Features For 2022

Here is the most recent forward features schedule, taking us to the end of 2022. ...

Client Affairs
9 December 2021

No Time To Write off Inter-Dealer Voice Brokers

In an increasingly digitalised trading environment, this guest writer looks at the future for voice-brokered transactions. Are they heading for redundancy? And, if so, how shortsighted is the bet on electronic o...

Industry Surveys
7 December 2021

European Winners, Losers As Private Jet Registrations Soar

Figures for the 2019 to 2021 period reveal which jurisdictions have gained more aircraft registrations and which have lost some ground. This news service drills into why some of these changes have taken place. ...

6 December 2021

The Dangers Of Pension Offsetting In Divorce

The authors of this article argue that without proper advice, pension offsetting, rather than pension sharing, could allow the inequality in pension wealth to continue long after a couple’s divorce.  ...

1 December 2021

Editorial Analysis: Credit Suisse's Wealth Pivot

This news service looks back to the bank's Q3 results and strategy update. We look at the wealth management shifts being contemplated, and some of the growth and hiring ambitions of the Zurich-listed group. ...

Latest News

New Products
18 January 2022

UK Wealth Consultancy, Adapa Advisory Team Up

Demands on firms and clients are causing reviews of strategy, operating models and technology. Businesses need help to surf waves of change, the parties to this partnership say. ...

New Products
18 January 2022

VP Bank Raises Structured Products Stakes

Under the new partnership, VP Bank will be a guarantor and take charge of distributing the products. ...

18 January 2022

Book Review: How People Become Famous, By Rainer Zitelmann

Assuming a person wants to become famous (leaving aside the downsides of this), what steps should they take? What lessons can one learn from those who have become stars in their field? If a wealth manager's clie...

18 January 2022

Showcasing MENA Region Wealth Management Excellence In "Acclaim"

We publish the latest Acclaim document, saluting the achievements and sharing insights of award winners in the Middle East and North Africa region. ...

18 January 2022

London's Financial Centre Recovers, Shrugs Aside Brexit – Data

The figures point to a talent shortfall rather than a surplus of financial industry people struggling to find a job in London's City and wider financial community. Fintech is a particular driver. ...

18 January 2022

Summary Of Major Banks' Q3 2021 Financial Results

As the Q4/full-year 2021 reporting season kicks into gear, here's a reminder of what major banks reported in the third quarter of last year. ...