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12 July 2024

A Charity Evening To Empower Children With Play

A charity this publication is proud to partner with is Right To Play. It argues that play is...

18 June 2024

Compliance Corner: smartKYC Obtains Information Security Seal Of Approval

The latest compliance news: regulatory developments, punishments, guidance, permissions, new...

14 June 2024

As New Rules Loom, UK's MainStreet Launches Sustainability Toolkit

New UK rules, designed in part to remove the problem of "greenwashing," mean that fund buyers need...

28 May 2024

The Great Wealth Transfer: Three Trends Reshaping Wealth Management

The author of this article argues that the "Great Wealth Transfer" is not just a movement of assets...

22 May 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Tech Automation Holds Rich Wealth Management Promise – In Conversation With FNZ

This news service speaks to one of the firms that has delved into what advisors think AI and other...

15 May 2024

Broadridge, Salesforce Tap Advisors' Automation Needs

Broadridge told this publication that it aims to capitalise on advisors' need to save time on...

M and A
4 April 2024

Multi-Family Office Continues Acquisitions

Since its formation into a transatlantic MFO more than a year ago, the group has bought a business...

Wealth Strategies
14 March 2024

Family Offices Plan More Acquisitions, Some "Dramatically" – Global Study

The survey, conducted among family office senior managers around the world, gives a broadly...

13 March 2024

Why Middle East's Wealth Sector Needs Digital Transformation

This may not be a surprise any longer, but digital technology in all its forms – including areas...

11 March 2024

Jersey Says Registry "Vulnerability" Found

The practice of holding registers of company and other information in international financial...

Comment & Analysis results for Mati

14 May 2024

Exclusive: FIS Focuses On AI’s Wealth Management Role

Russell Andrews, head of wealth and asset management EMEA, capital markets at Florida-headquartered...

15 December 2023

Handling HNW Clients' Data Via Tokenization – An Overview

Banks and other players in the wealth management space transfer data across borders – a fact...

21 March 2023

Developments In Private Bank RegTech – Views From The Experts

Regulatory technology – software that a private bank has to use in order to produce information...

4 January 2023

The Power Of Nuptial Agreements In English Courts

As the authors of this article explain, nuptial agreements are not automatically binding in the...

25 October 2021

Tax Transparency For Financial Institutions: A Cost Or An Opportunity?

The drive for more "transparency" in areas such as tax, information exchange and beneficial...

22 April 2021

Trend Of US Citizenship Renunciation To Rise "Dramatically"

The threat of higher US taxes, combined with other factors, could produce a sharp rise in the...

3 July 2020

WEALTH TALK: Focus On smartKYC

The know-your-client disciplines that wealth managers must adopt throw up a variety of challenges...

6 April 2020

Tech Traps: Data Capture In Alternatives – Why Automation Attempts Go Awry

A prevalence of PDF documentation creates significant data extraction challenges for...

M and A
22 August 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Financial Tech M&A

This publication discusses one of the largest M&A deals to affect the data and information services...

Family Office
29 July 2019

Single Family Offices - Who Knows The Numbers?

This article addresses the difficult subject of estimating the actual number and size of single...