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27 April 2021

Standard Life Aberdeen Is Renamed

That the new name comes with instruction on how to pronounce it has not gone unnoticed. The change...

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25 March 2021

Firms' Bumpy Road To Hybrid Working

Solid progress being made on vaccinations has given firms the green light to iron out their...

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12 March 2021

Private Jet Sector Soars In Tough Times

Commercial airlines have been hammered by restrictions on air travel due to anti-COVID measures,...

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12 March 2021

Industry Rallies To Shift Online Fraud Responsibility

The forthcoming Online Safety Bill is carrying a big burden to stem online fraud. It is currently...

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4 March 2021

Corporate Taxes Put Sting In UK Budget - Wealth Managers React

The question being asked of yesterday's budget was tax and spend or just more spend? It was mostly...

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2 March 2021

Road To Recovery Is "Knowledge Intensive"

Ahead of this week's budget when all eyes will be on mapping a road to recovery and reducing a...

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17 February 2021

ESG Phenomenon: A Communication Problem

Developments and commentary in and around the ESG investment space. ...

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12 February 2021

UK Wealth Firms Adapt Battle For Talent

A number of UK-based private banks and wealth houses have updated their models for hiring and...

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4 February 2021

Investors Fret Over UK Negative Rates

The Bank of England meets today to discuss interest rates. Two-thirds of investors fear they will...

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29 January 2021

Weatherbys Steps Up Fraud Awareness

The pandemic has arguably created an open season for cyber criminals. UK consumers have higher than...

Comment & Analysis results for Client Affairs

Client Affairs
17 August 2011

Wealth Managers Respond To ID Theft Threats

With identity theft on the rise, high net worth individuals are being increasingly targeted. Wealth...

Client Affairs
9 August 2011

Seven Issues Wealth Managers Should Know About Divorce

Divorcing clients require a great deal of financial and emotional support. In order to provide the...

Client Affairs
8 July 2011

Opportunities, Pitfalls During Client Onboarding - New Report

The potential for significant asset growth means new-client onboarding is an important process for...

Client Affairs
3 July 2011

Interview: Quintessentially Follows The Money

Quintessentially has followed the example of banks and asset managers by relocating its global...

Client Affairs
1 July 2011

From Shirtsleeves To Shirtsleeves: The Psychological Barriers To Maintaining Wealth

For companies who make their business out of managing family wealth, trying to prevent the...

Client Affairs
17 June 2011

Exclusive Interview: The Alliance's Tom Livergood On The New Risk Management

Cyber crime is reported to be the fastest growing type of criminal activity, with such firms as...

Client Affairs
16 June 2011

Exclusive: Chinese Buyers Pile Into Luxury London Property


Client Affairs
25 May 2011

Freedom From Wealth: Society Defines Insider Trading

All too often private wealth holders are the victims of fraud and financial theft, which is why...

Client Affairs
12 May 2011

Social Security: Maximizing Benefits Is Critical

With lifespans increasing, pensions disappearing and returns on IRAs and 401(k) plans uncertain,...

Client Affairs
27 April 2011

Challenging Conventional Thinking On Retirement Distribution Planning

Conventional wisdom about retirement distribution planning among financial advisors is actually...