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17 November 2014

Swiss Banker Charged In US Court Over Tax Conspiracy

A US court has charged a former Swiss banker for conspiring with taxpayers to hide hundreds of...

7 November 2014

Luxembourg Vows To Push Back Against Secrecy Culture After Massive Leak - Report

Luxembourg has vowed to push back against its secretive financial system and responded to claims...

20 October 2014

Guernsey Signs Financial Cooperation Pact With Beijing

In a sign of how offshore financial jurisdictions are competing to win a share of China’s immense...

17 October 2014

Lawyers Broadly Welcome Changes To UK Investor Visa; Reservations Remain

The UK government has pushed ahead with a proposal to double the minimum threshold of the...

14 October 2014

Gibraltar's First-Ever Regulated Stock Exchange Prepares For Launch

Gibraltar’s first-ever regulated stock exchange has been granted regulatory approval to start...

10 October 2014

Russia Excludes Malta From Offshore Jurisdiction Blacklist - Report

The Russian Finance Ministry has drafted a decree that will exclude the Mediterranean jurisdiction...

17 September 2014

Financial Services Firm In Isle Of Man Shutters Bitcoin Service

Controversy around the crypto-currency Bitcoin has taken another turn, this time in the Isle of...

25 August 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Use Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility Sooner Rather Than Later, Its Architect Says

Recent moves by the UK to tighten up a disclosure facility with Liechtenstein, are a sharp reminder...

21 August 2014

Malta Crows About Success Of Scheme For Wealthy Investors

As international financial centres battle for a slice of cross-border business, the Mediterranean...

20 August 2014

Cayman Islands Voices Fury Over Inclusion On Regulator's Blacklist

The government of the Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory, has voiced its “astonishment...

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