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People Moves
13 May 2022

Summary Of Executive Moves In Global Wealth Management – March 2022

A summary of moves and appointments in senior wealth management roles around the world. ...

Industry Surveys
12 May 2022

Hybrid Working Increases Financial Sector Burnout – Survey

A new study by LemonEdge examines the impact that working from home and hybrid working has had on...

People Moves
12 May 2022

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? – Columbia Threadneedle Investments

The latest moves and appointments in wealth management for the UK, rest of Europe, Middle East and...

12 May 2022

Northern Trust, Fenergo Ink Onboarding Pact

The partnership focuses on private capital funds, a fast-growing area creating specific...

Asset Management
12 May 2022

Top Investment Themes For The Future

Faced with a challenging environment, at their Spring Investors Conference, Close Brothers Asset...

12 May 2022

Entrepreneur Launches Fund That Challenges "Woke" Boardrooms – Media

There has been such a concentrated push towards ESG investing, with arguably more focus on social,...

12 May 2022

Behavioural Insights Help International Firms Win In MENA – Study

Using behavioural finance insights to help frame which products and services are suitable for...

Market Research
12 May 2022

Kingswood Discusses Market Outlook

Amidst rising interest rates and gloomy economic forecasts, Rupert Thompson, chief investment...

11 May 2022

Use New UK Online Laws To Foil Scammers, Says Wealth Manager

New legislation governing firms hosting user-generated content, with a view to preventing harms,...

People Moves
11 May 2022

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? – Kingswood Holdings Limited

The latest moves and appointments in wealth management for the UK, rest of Europe, Middle East and...

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Alt Investments
22 June 2020

Don’t Wait Too Long: The Case For Venture Capital Investing

Investors who want to tap into venture capital and the kind of start-up businesses out there that...

19 June 2020

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Hong Kong Vs Singapore, Deutsche, Private Jets

Here is the latest Wealth Talk video where the team talks about events shaping this industry. ...

12 June 2020

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Deutsche, Unexplained Wealth Orders, Data Safety

The latest Wealth Talk discussion about issues in the industry. ...

Company Profiles
9 June 2020

Barclays Private Bank Optimistic Over European Presence

The UK-listed bank discussed three important jurisdictions for its operations: Ireland, Switzerland...

4 June 2020

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Maintaining Trust In A Lockdown

We resume our regular Wealth Talk video series by looking at some of the central issues created by...

3 June 2020

Hackers Threaten Global Account-Sharing Pacts, Law Firm Warns

A risk from the pandemic is that other news stories get obscured. And one such example is how...

22 May 2020

Estate Planning: Why Are Digital Assets So Tricky To Deal With?

A timely question - with or without a global pandemic - is what becomes of your digital assets?...

Wealth Strategies
20 May 2020

Making History Inform Smart Financial Decisions

A world that is hungry for data and quick results often grants greater value to a popular...

Family Office
18 May 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Single Family Offices' Real Estate Investments: The Shadow Of COVID-19

In exclusive data provided by Highworth Research, this news service examines real estate investment...

Emerging Markets
15 May 2020

Bordier & Cie Smiles On Vietnam Potential

The Swiss firm has partnered with a Vietnam-based bank as part of a strategy to build business in...