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8 September 2021

ESG Phenomenon: PIMFA Ramps Up ESG Training

ESG has been called a new wealth investing paradigm, with increasing focus on bringing wealth...

Client Affairs
12 March 2021

Industry Rallies To Shift Online Fraud Responsibility

The forthcoming Online Safety Bill is carrying a big burden to stem online fraud. It is currently...

Fund Management
16 September 2020

The ESG Phenomenon - PIMFA's New Academy

The latest developments in the ESG investment space. ...

Client Affairs
9 April 2020

PIMFA Scales Up Scam Advice To Worried Savers

PIMFA is releasing more fraud and scams prevention guidelines to help savers navigate in these...

People Moves
31 March 2020

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? - Harbottle & Lewis, PIMFA

The latest senior moves in wealth planning and legal services across the UK, Europe and the Middle...

People Moves
27 March 2020

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? - PIMFA, River & Mercantile

The latest senior moves in wealth management from the UK and elsewhere in Europe. ...

10 September 2019

IMF Slams Low-Tax, Offshore Centres

The IMF has fired a set of broadsides at low-tax jurisdictions. ...

Investment Strategies
6 June 2019

China-US Tariff Clash To Erode Global Growth - IMF

The IMF has reduced its global growth forecast, saying the outbreak of protectionism between the US...

People Moves
23 April 2019

Who's Moving Where In Wealth Management? - PIMFA

The latest moves in wealth management from across Europe and the Middle East. ...

Banking Crisis
8 April 2019

Top Swiss Banks May Need More Capital - Government

The comments come a few days after the IMF warned that the Swiss financial services industry, while...

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Client Affairs
2 April 2020

The Lockdown: How Wealth Managers Are Coping

For a sense of the immediate impact of the health crisis on wealth managers as they meet client and...

26 September 2017

Cyber-Crime: The Ever-Evolving Threat That Wealth Managers Must Care About

Your correspondent recently attended a conference hosted by industry group PIMFA, which hosted...

10 March 2008

Crown Dependencies Prepare for IMF Visit

The Crown Dependencies are due to welcome the International Monetary Fund with open arms later this...