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Emerging Markets
21 January 2019

Don't Retreat From Market Reforms, Senior Economist Warns China

In the mild language often used to air debate in the country, a venerable Chinese economist has...

Emerging Markets
18 January 2019

Asian Frontier Markets: Potential Risks, Rewards

This article considers a recent conference discussion on the investing risks and potential in what...

Emerging Markets
21 December 2018

Credit Suisse Targets China's Private Funds Sector

The banking group wants to widen its client base and deepen involvement in this expanding...

Emerging Markets
19 December 2018

Foreign-Funded Firms Pump Over $110 Billion Into Shanghai's FTZ - Report

A report highlights the sheer scale of foreign-financed investment into a zone of China that is...

Emerging Markets
28 November 2018

Emerging Markets Are Great Value, Selloff Unjustified - Fund Manager

This year has seen a big divergence between performance of developed and emerging market stock...

Emerging Markets
12 October 2018

Investors Don't Hold Enough Emerging Market Assets - UBS

The world's largest wealth manager says investors are mistaken - despite current market angst - in...

Emerging Markets
27 September 2018

MSCI Widens Door For Mainland China Equities

The US-based index provider and analytics business is consulting on whether to raise weightings of...

Emerging Markets
3 September 2018

Chinese Private Equity, VC Investors Stymied By Forex Caps - Report

Chinese investors are increasingly keen on areas such as private equity but their country's caps on...

Emerging Markets
29 August 2018

Chinese Private Equity, VC Investors Stymied By Forex Caps - Report

Chinese HNW investors want to put more money into areas such as private equity around the world but...

Emerging Markets
23 August 2018

India's Equities Are Promising Long-Term Prospect - Nomura

A correction in the Indian stock market should be an opportunity for investors to get into the...