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8 October 2020

Groups Applaud Cayman Islands' EU Blacklist Exit; Oman Also Removed

While the existence of such blacklists can be politically controversial, the removal of the Cayman...

10 September 2020

Jersey Finance Spreads Its Offshore Gospel To US

A year after the promotional agency of the island set up a New York office, it spoke to this news...

12 August 2020

Carey Olsen Builds Bermuda-Based Corporate Offering

The Carey Olsen Services Bermuda operation falls within a group of the firm's offerings in the...

4 August 2020

Guernsey Encourages Limited Partnership Migration

The new regulations allow a range of structures, such as private equity vehicles and collective...

8 July 2020

US Exclusion From Europe's Accepted Traveller List Is "Stinging Rebuke"

The "golden visa" specialist has an index of passports, with those not requiring prior visa...

8 July 2020

Who Pays For COVID-19? Public Offers Its Thoughts, Survey

Clamping down on tax evaders in the UK and abroad is one of the preferred ways of refilling...

7 July 2020

Caribbean Jurisdiction Cuts Golden Visa Price Tag

The pandemic has prompted the Caribbean jurisdiction to temporarily cut the price of buying...

2 July 2020

OECD Data Puts Global Offshore Wealth At €10 Trillion

Automatic exchange of information agreements show that the offshore world accounts for about €10...

17 June 2020

To Domicile Or Not? Considerations For Making A UK Move

International executives need to use the current extraordinary times to re-assess their financial...

25 May 2020

Hong Kong's Nervous Wealth Industry Expects Exodus

What is the future for Hong Kong's wealth management sector, and the clients it works with,...

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