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Trust Estate
12 August 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Wedlake Bell On EU's Proposed Trust Disclosure Rules

Trusts are part of an international drive for great transparency about beneficial ownership and...

Trust Estate
20 July 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: EU's Trust Disclosure Rules - And Brexit

This article considers moves by the EU to shine a light on trust and company structures to find...

Trust Estate
12 July 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: What It Takes To Be A Trustee In Today's World

The role of a trustee is an increasingly onerous one. This article, written by a senior figure at...

Trust Estate
1 July 2016

GUEST COMMENT: ZEDRA On The Impact Of The UK Political Earthquake

A trust and corporate services firm weighs in on the impact of Brexit. ...

Trust Estate
8 June 2016

Next Decade To See C$750 Billion Change Hands In Canada

A report describes the scale of wealth due to be transferred to the next generation in the next 10...

Trust Estate
2 June 2016

ZEDRA Rebrands Acquired Jersey Trust Business

A Jersey-based trusts business acquired by Zedra in April has a new name. ...

Trust Estate
7 April 2016

Bedell Trust Bought By Its Managers, Private Equity House

The trusts and fiduciary services firm has has been subject to an MBO, with funds also coming from...

Trust Estate
7 April 2016

Newly-Independent Trust, Fiduciary Firm Expands Asia Presence

The firm that was acquired from Barclays in a deal completed this year has opened an office in Hong...

Trust Estate
15 March 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: What To Consider For Wealth Creators Who Are Young

When entrepreneurs make a fortune at a young age, this can create a number of wealth structuring...

Trust Estate
14 March 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: "Golden Principles" Of Asset Protection In Times Of Trouble

Asset protection is, or ought to be, a core subject for wealth management professionals to...

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