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28 July 2017

INTERVIEW: SEI Sees Gains From UK Wealth Managers' Business Pains

This publication talks to a firm that sees the problems and opportunities of UK wealth managers as...

WM Market Reports
26 July 2017

It's Tough Out There, SEI Study On UK Wealth Management Industry Shows

A report by SEI shows how a tough competitive environment in UK wealth management confronts firms...

14 June 2017

US Moves To Seize London Property Bought With Malaysian Dirty Money - Media

US authorities are moving to seize property allegedly obtained with money from a state-backed...

12 June 2017

HMRC Banned From Examining Newcastle United Materials

This news comes after HMRC seized materials from properties of both English Premier League clubs...

2 May 2017

HMRC Investigation Sparked By Free Transfer Between English Clubs

HMRC raided several places in the North and South East of England last week; and seized business...

12 April 2017

SEI Draws Three New Firms Into Regtech Incubator Project

The regulation technology incubator, designed for fintech developers, is reportedly the first of...

WM Market Reports
3 April 2017

Advisors Should Develop Their Own Platforms, Face Up To Industry Shift - SEI

The US-headquartered firm is urging advisors to re-think their use of platforms, arguing that they...

28 March 2017

SEI Reports Rise In AuM Across Firm, UK Private Banking Arm

The US-headquartered firm reported a strong rise in assets across its business, as well as for its...

27 January 2017

SEI Reports Rise In Net Income, AuM

The US investments and technology solutions firm, which serves clients in regions including the US...

7 December 2016

Veritas Extends Contract With SEI

SEI has secured contract extensions with all of its wealth platform clients in the UK. ...

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