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1 November 2016

HMRC Hunts High Net Worth Individuals Over £1.9 Billion In Unpaid Taxes

HMRC is clamping down on the UK's richest people as it announces details of its probe into the tax...

11 October 2016

UK Tax Advisors Risk Punishment For Giving Opinions On Tax Legality, Warns Law Firm

A London-headquartered law firm has raised concerns as to whom could be caught in the net of...

25 August 2016

UK Proposes New Clampdown On Tax Evaders

People evading UK taxes by keeping money offshore could face penalties of up to 300 per cent of the...

22 August 2016

HMRC Seeks To Reassure Advisors On New Avoidance Penalties

The UK tax authority has sought to reassure advisors fearing they will be hit by the government's...

8 August 2016

HMRC Wins Blockbuster Tax Avoidance Cases

The UK tax authority has claimed victory in a long-running court case relating to a series of major...

25 July 2016

Three UK Tax Advisors Arrested Over £132 Million Fraud

The arrests follow an investigation by the UK's tax authority, which reaffirmed its commitment to...

1 June 2016

UK Tax Authority Withdraws APNs After Judicial Review

The UK tax collection authority has pulled accelerated payment notices sent out to hundreds of...

9 May 2016

UK Tax Authority Issued Nearly 1,500 Production Orders To Businesses In 2015

HMRC made demands to a wave of businesses last year for information on clients suspected of...

18 December 2015

UK Loses £16 Billion Per Year To Tax Fraudsters, HMRC Should Do More, Says Parliamentary Body

Fraudsters are behind almost half of the UK's uncollected taxes, the National Audit Office...

22 September 2015

Law Firm Takes Aim At UK Tax Authority's Use Of "Nudge" Letters

The use of "nudge" letters by HMRC to deal with tax disputes has come under fire from a law firm. ...

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