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7 November 2019

US Wealth Industry Frowns On "Carried Interest" Tax Ploy

A story of private equity GPs selling stakes for high sums, minting a new crop of billionaires,...

15 October 2019

Why Ending UK's Non-Dom Regime Would Be Costly Mistake

Controversy about the UK's non-dom regime refuses to go away and the author of this article argues...

17 September 2019

Big Jump In UK Pension Drawdowns

Figures from HMRC show that retirees are making lump-sum pension withdrawals at a record pace. ...

2 September 2019

HMRC Captures More HNW Revenue

The vast increase in data sharing has led to a large jump in the amount of additional revenue HMRC...

28 August 2019

Hong Kong-Canadian Tycoons Fight Canadian Tax Case - Report

The brothers have achieved a high profile in part through their work in the Canadian philanthropy...

12 August 2019

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Non-Dom Data Shows Tax Hikes Can Backfire

Recent official UK non-dom figures are a reminder that tax incentives, as Ronald Reagan used to...

9 August 2019

Tax Changes, Brexit Drive Down UK's Non-Dom Population

Domestic tax changes have arguably been a bigger factor than Brexit in driving down the numbers of...

9 August 2019

Who Are The UK's 1 Per Cent?

New data this week from the Institute For Fiscal Studies shines a light on income distribution in...

7 August 2019

Is Boris Johnson's Economic Policy Reaganomics Reborn?

The author, who advises HNW clients on tax and wealth planning, considers the likely direction of...

5 August 2019

HMRC Investigating Quarter Of All IHT Estates

IHT receipts have roughly doubled over the last 10 years, adding £5 billion last year to UK...

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7 December 2009

France May Have To Get Tough To Unmask Holders Of Undeclared Cash

Incentives put in place by the French government to encourage holders of undeclared foreign bank...

15 January 2008

OECD: Neutralise Aggressive Tax Planning

An OECD study into the role that tax advisors play in the use of tax minimisation techniques by...

16 October 2007

Changes to French Taxes Should Benefit UK Expats

Changes to French tax laws could provide a benefit to UK citizens who are resident in the country...

20 August 2007

Comment - Is Good News Ahead for the UK Taxpayer?


19 February 2007

UK Tax Residency – Details of HMRC Ruling

November 2006 saw the publication of the outcome of the Gaines-Cooper v HMRC (Special...

24 July 2006

Trusts Aftermath: What Next for Wealth Planning?

The UK Chancellor of the Exchequer’s new rules on the taxation of trusts have been given Royal...

7 June 2006

A Safe Haven For Your Money?

The UK’s tax authorities, HM Revenue & Customs are at great pains to re-assure investors that...

10 April 2006

The Proposed Inheritance Tax Treatment of UK Trusts

The Briefing Note(“BN25”) which accompanied the UK Budget on 22 March 2006 dropped a real...

14 March 2006

Tax Effective Will Planning in the UK

Discretionary trusts can be effectively used to enable a surviving spouse to enjoy the benefit of a...

13 February 2006

Denmark: New Opportunities in International Tax Planning

On 31 May 2005 the Danish Parliament passed two bills into law, L 129 and L 121, each having...