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Investment Strategies
24 March 2023

Investment Managers React To US Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike

After a two-day meeting, this week the Federal Open Market Committee voted to raise the federal...

Investment Strategies
22 March 2023

Credit Suisse Doesn’t Derail Investment Case For European Financials – GAM

The investment house examines how serious the various bank failures in the US and Switzerland are...

Investment Strategies
6 March 2023

Ten Takeaways from Buffett’s Annual Letter to Shareholders - WELREX

A firm that has occasionally commented about developments in and around wealth management reflects...

Investment Strategies
8 February 2023

Geneva-Based Apricus Finance "Moderately Positive" In Outlook, Negative On Stocks

The past year saw the end of a number of assumptions, and 2023 is one about which Geneva-based...

Investment Strategies
27 January 2023

India's Adani Hits Back At Short-Seller's Attack

The story sheds light on the ways that short-sellers seek to profit by targeting organisations...

Investment Strategies
11 January 2023

The War On Inflation: A Fair Fight, Or A Losing Battle?

Efforts by the world's main central banks to curb inflation, taking it down from the highest rates...

Investment Strategies
5 January 2023

Carmignac Smiles On Japan, Emerging Market Debt, Manufacturing

At the start of a New Year, the French firm, along with many others, sets out its thoughts over...

Investment Strategies
5 January 2023

What Might Be In Store For 2023?

The authors of this article look at what 2023 might have in store, and reflect where surprises...

Investment Strategies
3 January 2023

US Small And Mid-Caps To Outperform In 2023 – Schroders

Bob Kaynor, head of US small and mid-cap equities at asset manager Schroders, discusses whether the...

Investment Strategies
14 December 2022

Bonds To Outshine Equities In 2023 – Edmond De Rothschild AM, Brown Shipley

After a tough year in 2022, this week wealth managers Edmond de Rothschild and Brown Shipley...

Comment & Analysis results for Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies
1 May 2020

Behavioural Finance Tested By Extraordinary Times

The discipline of behavioural finance has evolved over recent years, and the massive economic...

Investment Strategies
15 April 2020

How Are "Green Bonds" Coping With COVID-19 Turmoil?

An investment firm takes a look at how the market for green bonds is faring in the current...

Investment Strategies
17 October 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Pitcairn's Investment Approach - CIO Interview

This publication recently talked to Rick Pitcairn, of the eponymous multi-family office. ...

Investment Strategies
30 July 2019

Building Composed Investors With Behavioural Finance - The Barclays View

The UK bank argues that it has been a trailblazer in the field of behavioural finance and continues...

Investment Strategies
13 May 2019


ESG investing is all the rage, and this publication's editor and its publisher discuss this and...

Investment Strategies
4 October 2018

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Why Wealth Managers Must Get Serious Over Political Risk

A new study has come out underscoring the need to grasp political risk if wealth managers are to do...

Investment Strategies
1 June 2017

INTERVIEW: Harnessing China's "Catch-up" Trade - GAM

GAM, the Switzerland-listed investment house, argues it makes sense to have China equities exposure...

Investment Strategies
22 May 2017

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Trump's Woes Have Hit Markets But Don't Ignore Fundamentals

US equities, and to some extent, those of other nations have been hit by worries about whether...

Investment Strategies
27 March 2017

INTERVIEW: Cut Out The 24-Hour News Cycle Din To Make Sustained Returns

In these turbulent times, when the airwaves are dominated by Trump, Brexit and French elections,...

Investment Strategies
16 February 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Standard Chartered PB On How Emerging Market Investors Can Navigate The World Of Trump

How can emerging market investors deal with some of the effects that could stem from the new US...