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17 April 2018

"DIY" Probates Handing UK Taxman More IHT - Wilsons

A UK-based private client law firm has shared new data from HMRC showcasing a fall in inheritance...

27 February 2018

Footballers Caught Offside By Tax Relief Film Schemes

The latest tax issues facing footballers investing in tax relief film schemes. ...

Trust Estate
22 January 2018

UK Government Continues "War On Trusts", Suffocating Sector, Says Law Firm

These stats come as the government continues its tax crackdown, which has seen a drop in legal tax...

3 January 2018

UK Celebrities Lose Film Tax Relief Battle

According to reports, the celebrities had invested in film-funding schemes with media investment...

15 November 2017

HMRC Reportedly Hits Former England Football International With £1.7 Million Tax Bill

The tax bill is surrounding an eight-year period spanning the player's time at a number of clubs,...

9 November 2017

Compliance Corner - HMRC

The latest compliance issues across the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. ...

23 October 2017

HMRC Says It Defeats Tax Avoidance Scheme For Wealthy Individuals

The scheme was designed to create artificial tax losses that were later claimed against scheme...

16 October 2017

HMRC Frowns At Claims Over Anonymous HNW Tax Cheats

A newspaper claimed that tax payers had to pay to fund a report on complaint and non-compliant HNW...

6 October 2017

Football's Tax Troubles: HMRC, Newcastle United, Spain

A round-up of the latest tax issues within the world of football. ...

26 September 2017

HMRC Continues Football Tax Evasion Crackdown

There have been a number of high-profile incidents surrounding tax and footballers, and it seems...