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Islamic Banking
10 May 2006

Saudi Arabia to Privatise Bourse, Plans New Financial Centre

Saudi Arabia’s stock market is to be opened up to investment from the private sector in a move...

Islamic Banking
20 March 2006

UK's First Islamic Investment Bank Looks to Bahrain, Private Clients

European Islamic Investment Bank is to open for business in Bahrain in the second quarter of this...

Islamic Banking
13 March 2006

Jersey Approves Shariah Fund, Sends Delegation to Middle East

The Jersey Financial Services Commission has approved its first Shariah compliant fund. The Algo...

Islamic Banking
20 January 2006

Islamic Wealth Management System Launched

India-based Parsoli Corporation has launched an Islamic Wealth Management System in the city of...

Islamic Banking
5 January 2006

Dubai Bourse to Float

Twenty per cent of the Dubai stock exchange, the Dubai Financial Market, is to be sold via an...

Islamic Banking
1 September 2005

Islamic Bank Targets UK Wealthy with New Initiative

The European Islamic Investment Bank has applied to the UK’s Financial Services Authority for...

Islamic Banking
13 July 2005

Arab Bank Head Dies

Abdul-Majid Shoman, the chairman of Arab Bank, died last week. He was in his early 90s. His father,...

Islamic Banking
27 June 2005

New Shariah Equity Index Launched

The Dow Jones Islamic Market family of indices has a new member. Dow Jones has joined forces with ...

Islamic Banking
21 June 2005

Shariah-Compliant Property Fund Launches in UAE

Emirates Islamic Bank and Jersey-based Belgravia Asset Management have launched a new...

Islamic Banking
13 June 2005

Islamic Wealth Management Targeted for Growth

The growing importance of servicing the needs of the wealthy Islamic market was highlighted at a...

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