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10 January 2020

Change Your Traditional Model, Swiss Banks Warned

Under the weight of low to negative interest rates, Swiss managers report how they view the revenue...

24 January 2018

Hong Kong, Swiss Banking Groups To Collaborate

Banking and wealth associations in the Asian and Swiss financial centres are to exchange ideas and...

1 September 2017

Negative Rates Helped To Shrink Swiss Banks' Profits In 2016

Negative interest rates are taking their toll on the Swiss banking sector, new figures confirm. ...

People Moves
11 July 2016

Swiss Bankers Association Names New Chairman; Eyes "F4" Financial Sector Alliance

The organisation representing much of Switzerland's banking sector has a new chairman. It is also...

Banking Crisis
1 December 2015

Swiss Bankers Association Slams Referendum Bid To Tighten Bank Activity

A group that yesterday won a bid to hold a referendum imposing controls on commercial banks'...

17 April 2015

Tax Transparency: The Swiss Bankers' Association Discusses Progress - And More Work Ahead

This publication recently had the chance to grill the banking group about developments in a state...

29 September 2014

Swiss Bankers Association Opposes Initiative To Increase Bank Secrecy

The Swiss Bankers Association has come out against an initiative launched by right-wing politicians...

17 September 2014

Swiss Banking Luminary Urges Country To Cooperate With EU, Avoid Being Isolated

One of Switzerland's top bankers says the country must co-operate more wth the EU to protect...

Structured Products
16 September 2014

Switzerland Acts To Make Structured Products Industry More Open On Fees

Rules have been changed so that the Swiss structured products sector becomes more transparent, two...

30 September 2013

Swiss Private Banking Jobs Said To Be Threatened By EU Regulatory Juggernaut

EU regulations supposedly designed to make financial markets more competitive and protect investors...

Comment & Analysis results for Swiss Bankers Association

14 February 2014

Swiss Private Banking Industry Unamused At Immigration Vote, Warns On Costs

The Swiss banking industry is unhappy over the recent anti-immigration vote in the country but has...

28 September 2007

Senior Swiss Banker Calls for Global Perspective


11 March 2005

Swiss Support For Banking Secrecy Increases

Bank-client confidentially continues to be supported by the majority of the Swiss, according to a...