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24 April 2024

Inheritance Tax Receipts At Record High – Reactions

Wealth managers react to the the latest figures from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and suggest ways...

12 February 2024

UK Tax – Investigating Income From HNW Individuals At Record High

As UK chancellor of the exchequer Jeremy Hunt prepares the Spring budget on 6 March, and as HMRC...

9 March 2023

UK Tax Evasion Enablement Prosecutions Slide, No Room For Complacency

The lockdowns hit the volume of prosecutions, and data suggests that there is possibly less...

11 October 2022

Is HMRC Potentially Acting Against Your LLP?

Due to various developments, structures introduced in the UK more than two decades ago are...

2 August 2022

Rising UK Inheritance Tax Receipts Put Advice Under Spotlight

The UK government's tax authority has released its annual inheritance tax receipts for the...

22 March 2022

Proposed Changes To Stamp Duty Land Tax Rules In England

HMRC is consulting on potential changes to the Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) rules for mixed use...

24 March 2020

Tax Knock For Stranded Expats, Non-Residents - Advisors' Reactions

Expats and non-doms need to look closely at their residency status and repatriation in light of...

25 February 2020

Advisors Warn Family Offices, HNW Individuals Over New UK Tax Scrutiny

The UK's tax authority last year created a new group to examine what are called Family Investment...

17 September 2019

Big Jump In UK Pension Drawdowns

Figures from HMRC show that retirees are making lump-sum pension withdrawals at a record pace. ...

2 September 2019

HMRC Captures More HNW Revenue

The vast increase in data sharing has led to a large jump in the amount of additional revenue HMRC...

Comment & Analysis results for HMRC

19 February 2007

UK Tax Residency – Details of HMRC Ruling

November 2006 saw the publication of the outcome of the Gaines-Cooper v HMRC (Special...