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22 August 2017

US Court Rejects Suit Against FATCA By Expats, Senator - Report

A US court has thrown out an attempt by a group of plaintiffs to stymie operation of the FATCA...

14 September 2016

Victory For FATCA As Court Thwarts Attempt To Halt Data Transfers From Israel -Media

An Israel court has thwarted a petition calling for data not to be transferred from Israel to the...

People Moves
4 November 2015

UK Firm That Aids US Expat Investors Brings In Major Recruit

A firm which specialises in serving US expats so they can cope with financial and investment...

18 September 2015

EXPERT GUEST OPINION: Common Reporting Standard - A Trigger For Voluntary Disclosure?

This article examines the likely reaction to the arrival of what is called the Common Reporting...

New Products
15 September 2015

SEI Launches Global Regulatory, Compliance Platform

With no end in sight to regulatory growth, the US-headquartered firm has brought out a new platform...

M and A
14 September 2015

PwC Announces Acquisition For Speedier FATCA Reporting

PricewaterhouseCoopers aims to lighten the load of new tax information reporting requirements...

30 July 2015

Luxembourg Delays Filing Deadline For FATCA Again

Filing deadlines for FATCA have been delayed again as the burden of complying with the legislation...

2 July 2015


The FATCA legislation that has had such a big impact on expat Americans and financial services went...

16 June 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST COMMENT: The Common Reporting Standard: Time For Wealth Managers To Revisit FATCA Plans?

The arrival of a new OECD standard to catch out tax evaders might force wealth managers to revisit...

Trust Estate
16 March 2015

UK Tax Authority Lightens Compliance Burden From US FATCA Rules

The burden on firms located in the UK of complying with the US FATCA Act has become slightly less...

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3 June 2020

Hackers Threaten Global Account-Sharing Pacts, Law Firm Warns

A risk from the pandemic is that other news stories get obscured. And one such example is how...

3 July 2015

INTERVIEW: 2015 Is A Struggle For Firms Trying To Shape Up For FATCA

Another firm has weighed in on the subject of the first 12-month anniversary of the US FATCA...

3 September 2014

FEATURE: FATCA - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Following the implementation of FATCA two months ago, this publication takes a look at how the...

9 September 2013


The world recently took another step towards a unified personal tax-collection regime when...

25 March 2013

The FATCA Act - How Inter-Governmental Agreements Will Operate

As the financial sector continues to adjust to the US FATCA Act (Foreign Account Taxation...

27 July 2012

Latest Developments On How US FATCA ACT Will Work

This publication has asked Mike Laveman, a partner at accounting firm EisnerAmper, about latest...

18 June 2012

Expert View: A Walk Through The FATCA Maze

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) will have a far-reaching impact on asset managers....

6 March 2012

Asia Lags Global Peers In FATCA Compliance Drive

Asia appears to be slightly behind Europe in getting ready for sweeping US anti-tax evasion...

8 February 2012

Serving US Expats In An Increasingly Anti-Secrecy Banking World

With some firms refusing to deal with expatriate US citizens due to fierce new tax compliance laws...

15 September 2010

US Expats Must Address Rising Compliance Burden

Legislation known as FATCA - a key element of new US laws designed to squeeze tax evaders - imposes...