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1 May 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST COMMENT: The Death Of Trusts Is Greatly Exaggerated

There are pressures affecting the global trusts sector but it is premature to see this as a sector...

Trust Estate
24 April 2015

CONFERENCE PREVIEW: Succession, Cross-Border Tax And Trusts Under Spotlight In Geneva

A drive towards a possible level playing field for succession issues in Europe along with topics...

Trust Estate
13 April 2015

EXCLUSIVE EXPERT VIEW: Beyond The Grave - The Case For Saving Tax After Death

Deeds of Variation in wills are important for this part of estate/succession planning, but they are...

Trust Estate
16 March 2015

UK Tax Authority Lightens Compliance Burden From US FATCA Rules

The burden on firms located in the UK of complying with the US FATCA Act has become slightly less...

Trust Estate
3 February 2015

UK Family Trusts, Reporting Estates Fell, Trend Will Remain Without Tax Changes

Recent data shows that UK family trusts and estates with self assessment requirements have fallen...

Trust Estate
1 October 2014

New UK Inheritance Rules Leave Some Groups Vulnerable; Most Britons Expect To Inherit

Inheritance of wealth continues to be a hot political potato in the UK as in many other countries...

Trust Estate
18 February 2014

Jersey-Based Fund Services Group Forges Dutch, Cypriot Alliances

JTC Group, the Jersey-based provider of fund services, continued a run of recent expansion...

Trust Estate
12 February 2014

International Law Firm Warns Of EU Threat To Privacy Over Trusts

European legislators are due to vote tomorrow on widening the scope of anti-money laundering laws...

Trust Estate
11 December 2013

Laven Partners On How Swiss Case Law Pressures Offshore Companies To Reinforce Operations

The issue of where a business operates on a day-to-day basis, which is an essential point in...

Trust Estate
26 November 2013

Credit Suisse To Shutter Swiss Trusts Business - Report

Credit Suisse is to close its Swiss trusts business, transferring production and administration to...

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