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Family Office
9 October 2020

Swiss Gain New Family Office

Two prominent wealthy families are opening their private investment club to other families to pool...

Family Office
3 September 2020

Understanding Why Single Family Offices Love Direct Investing, MFOs Less So

A recent report prompted questions on how and why single and multi-family offices contrast in their...

Family Office
17 August 2020

Single Family Offices Are Hot For Direct Investing, MFOs Not So Much - Study

The report is by FINTRX and sponsored by Charles Schwab. It sets out the contrasting enthusiasm and...

Family Office
17 August 2020

Editor's Summer Picks: Family Offices' Contrasting Property Investment Stories

As the summer vacation season - in this most extraordinary of years - gets under way and some of...

Family Office
6 August 2020

Another Report Maps Family Offices Landscape

A fresh report has come out to fuel debate on what is the true size of the world's family offices...

Family Office
16 July 2020

Single Family Offices Stay Poised Amid Market Storms - UBS Global Study

This study suggests that the vast majority of single family offices adjusted their portfolios to...

Family Office
2 July 2020

Morgan Stanley Launches New Family Offices Guide

The US firm is launching a new guide for the family offices sector, a sign of how banks view such...

Family Office
12 June 2020

India Software Tycoon's Family Office Makes AI Bet

This story is part of our coverage of how family offices invest and the trends in the space. In...

Family Office
8 June 2020

New Citi Private Bank Group Draws Clients Amid Pandemic

The US-based bank said its new private capital group, which is designed to give institutional...

Family Office
1 June 2020

IQ-EQ launches Dedicated Family Offices Offering

The new group draws on expertise across the business and highlights how the family offices markets...

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Family Office
3 June 2011

Reputation Management: A Growing Concern For Wealthy Families

As if family offices didn’t have enough to worry about, add having a family’s hard-earned...

Family Office
30 March 2011

Credit Suisse Forges Ahead In EMEA's Family Office Space

With 250 family offices in Europe each with $1 billion of assets, it is no wonder that private...

Family Office
15 February 2011

As Chinese Wealth Flourishes, Opportunity Emerges For The Family Office

By some estimates, there are 400 billionaire families in Mainland China today – now roughly the...

Family Office
28 January 2011

Instead Of Closing Shop, Small SFOs Finding Ways To Adapt

Rather than shut their doors, most small single family offices are finding ways to adapt and...

Family Office
9 December 2010

Defining The “Modern” Family Office? – Industry Weighs In On SEC Proposal

More than 80 industry insiders weighed in on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposal on...

Family Office
23 November 2010

Single Family Offices And The Importance Of Trust And Loyalty [DO NOT EDIT]

Since 2008, there seems to be a widespread distrust of service providers, particularly banks, and a...

Family Office
12 November 2010

To Outsource Or Not To Outsource - Family Offices And Concierge Services

To outsource or not to outsource – that is a question for family offices....

Family Office
11 November 2010

IPI Study Sees Imminent Changes In SFOs

Four in ten US families of the 86 per cent who defined themselves as having single family offices...

Family Office
2 November 2010

Many US Family Offices Could Be Left In The Cold By SEC

Although each is unique, family offices typically provide an array of services to members and...

Family Office
1 November 2010

Weaker Returns, Tax Hike Risks Prompt Families To Change Psyche, Lifestyle

The market correction of 2008 and a lower return environment have families looking under the hood...