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12 August 2019

Former, Current Goldman Sachs Figures Charged Over 1MDB Saga - Media

The scandal, now a global one, has embroiled a number of banks in financial centres ranging from...

5 August 2019

Economic Substance - The Offshore Impact

This article considers the issue of how "economic substance" affects IFCs. ...

29 July 2019

Mauritius Hits Back Over Mass Account "Leak"

The Indian ocean jurisdiction has angrily reacted to news of the "leak" by the group of...

19 July 2019

Vistra Launches BVI Company "Substance" Service

The requirement for offshore-based companies to have sufficient "substance" to comply with tax and...

25 June 2019

Lloyds Banking Group Freezes Some Offshore Accounts

The accounts were frozen because clients didn’t respond to requests rather than specific...

20 June 2019

Guernsey, Jersey & Isle Of Man Accept Beneficial Ownership Disclosure

The three IFCs, all linked to the UK, set out their views on beneficial ownership and how they...

12 June 2019

Mauritius Sharpens Competitive Edge

The island's government has unveiled measures to boost its standing as an IFC. ...

12 June 2019

British Virgin Islands Adjusts Reporting, Rule Compliance Deadlines

The offshore financial centre is tweaking its reporting systems and pushing out a registration...

24 May 2019

Back In EU's Offshore "Good Books" - What Wealth Advisors Must Know

The EU's recent removal of three jurisdictions from its "blacklist" of uncooperative tax...

23 May 2019

Changing IFC Fortunes Of British Virgin Islands

The BVI jurisdiction has been buffeted by a number of challenges. It remains a significant offshore...

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29 May 2002

Cayman trial threatens future of offshore finance

The world of offshore finance faces a severe threat following the opening of a court case in the...

10 May 2002

Bahamas ponders overhaul of offshore laws

The newly elected Bahamian government has spoken to Complinet about its proposals to review its...

16 July 2001

Alberta - Canada’s New Tax Haven

As wealthy Canadians find it less profitable to send money offshore, they are discovering a new tax...

30 May 2001

Monaco: a Private Banking Haven in Danger?

Private Client Management interviews the head of the Monegasque Banking Association about the...