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Emerging Markets
21 March 2018

What's New In Investments, Funds?

The latest investment and funds news in Asia-Pacific. ...

Emerging Markets
27 February 2018

Wealth Managers Aren't Running From Equities After Selloff

The sharp falls in global markets a few weeks ago might have suggested the inflection point for...

Emerging Markets
22 December 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Time To Review China's A-Shares Market As Access Gets Easier

Accessing the mainland, A-shares market in China is being made easier, so what are the most...

Emerging Markets
8 December 2017

What Wealth Managers Expect In Asia, Emerging Markets For 2018

Wealth managers set out their forecasts for markets and investments in and around the Asian region...

Emerging Markets
29 August 2017

China's Efforts To Curb Capital Outflows Are Bearing Fruit, Says Northern Trust

The country's efforts to slow down an exodus of capital in recent years have worked and are likely...

Emerging Markets
14 August 2017

Credit Suisse Bans Certain Venezuela-Linked Transactions As Crisis Mounts

The Swiss bank has acted in the wake of the escalating political and economic crisis in the Latin...

Emerging Markets
17 May 2017

INTERVIEW: Fund Manager Says High-Quality Emerging Markets Are Unfairly Cheap

Some of the stronger emerging markets are priced more cheaply than with developed economies that...

Emerging Markets
24 February 2017

Emerging Market Hedge Fund Capital Rose To Record In 2016

The sector has had its challenges but last year saw emerging market hedge funds clock up record...

Emerging Markets
25 July 2016

Investors Are More Optimistic About Emerging Markets - Survey

A poll of investors finds they are more optimistic about emerging markets than they were in the...

Emerging Markets
18 July 2016

The Turkey Coup And Rising Geopolitical Worries - Commentaries

The failed coup against the Turkish president by the armed forces have, along with the horrors of...

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