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24 December 2020

Younger Philanthropists Press Accelerator

Where are the fault lines growing between traditional philanthropy and direct giving? What do...

24 December 2020

The Pandemic - The HNW Philanthropy Response

The UK is due for a "giving revolution" and the global pandemic has put the charity sector under...

17 December 2020

MacKenzie Scott Eyes Faster Giving As Amazon's Value Surges

Writing on her blog, Scott wrote of how she has taken advice since July on how to support a range...

3 December 2020

UBS Backs Ex-Premiership Footballer's Kidney Research Fund

As a corporate backer, the banking group is adding its weight to Andy Cole's First XI - a club of...

23 November 2020

How Philanthropy Is Changing: A 20-Year Perspective - Podcast

In this podcast, we interview Betsy Brill, president of Strategic Philanthropy, the US...

15 June 2020

Reuben Tycoons Fuel Big Gift Trend

One of the largest donations from a foundation to a UK academic institution for some time...

6 May 2020

Philanthropy Monitor: Latest Developments - PineBridge

This news service is starting a new round-up of stories where philanthropy and wealth management...

9 April 2020

Philanthropy Surges In Fighting Pandemic

Visit the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation website and the first message that greets you is “All...

1 April 2020

UBS's Ermotti Donates To Ticino Coronavirus Relief - Report

The CEO is stepping down later this year, as previously reported. He comes from Ticino, the...

6 March 2020

REYL Continues Paralympics Support

The support for these sports figures illustrates how private banks and other wealth management...

Comment & Analysis results for Philanthropy