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20 October 2021

The Tax Collector Cometh - How Insurance Handles HNW Cash Crunch

The days when UK-based property would be clear of inheritance taxes if owned by foreigners have...

Client Affairs
7 October 2021

New Tilney Smith & Williamson Service Targets Retiring Advisor Clients

The wealth advisory is launching a programme for financial advisors close to retirement that have...

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1 October 2021

Tech Nation Backs Programme Support For Black Entrepreneurs

In an effort to “normalise” underrepresented groups in UK tech, a London accelerator has...

Client Affairs
21 September 2021

Rise Of Concierge Healthcare – The Right Investment?

While typically perceived as a luxury amenity, the narrative has started to shift, with many...

Client Affairs
17 September 2021

Brexit, Pandemic "Reset" Investment Models For IFAs

IFAs have overwhelmingly revised their investment propositions, with advisors giving a variety of...

Client Affairs
14 September 2021

Lange Auf Wiedersehen, Balancing The Books: German Elections

After 16 years, Chancellor Merkel’s term in office is drawing to a close. Surprising inattention...

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8 September 2021

Ex JP Morgan Figures Launch Investment Boutique

Former JP Morgan peers are bidding to bring competitively priced ‘private bank' levels of service...

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6 September 2021

What's New In Investments, Funds? - BNP Paribas AM

The latest offerings in investments, such as funds and structured products, and other notable...

Client Affairs
2 September 2021

Charities Find Support To Repurpose Dormant Trusts

No-one likes funds sitting idle, and the UK Charity Commission has identified a large pot of money...

Client Affairs
26 August 2021

How Brexit Affects People In UK With Property, Ties To EU

Brexit has added layers of cost and complication for those with assets in the EU, the authors of...

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Client Affairs
14 March 2013

EXCLUSIVE: War For World-Beating Advisor App Still To Be Won

Developers may have made massive progress in advisor apps, but the wealth management industry has...

Client Affairs
5 March 2013

The New Normal: Codifying Superior Client Experience in Wealth Management

The New Normal: Codifying Superior Client Experience In Wealth Management is a groundbreaking...

Client Affairs
12 November 2012

New Book Guides Investors On How To Survive And Thrive In Funds Jungle


Client Affairs
30 August 2012

Luxury Car Brand Cruises Into China


Client Affairs
10 July 2012

Eldercare Services Gain Ground As Baby Boom Generation Retires

The retirement of the Baby Boomer generation is upon us, and it might be wise for wealth managers...

Client Affairs
28 June 2012

The Financial Behavior Of HNW Female Divorcees, Widows - Spectrem Report

Wealth managers need to take note of the behavior of widowed and divorced women who are taking...

Client Affairs
23 May 2012

After Decker/Dovey: Avoiding A “Scorched Earth” Divorce For Your HNW Clients

Here, Norman Heller and Steven Goldfeder, of the law firm Blank Rome, discuss the critical steps...

Client Affairs
16 May 2012

Book Review: Unmasking The Language Of Wall Street

A recently published book seeks to unravel the language employed in and about financial markets to...

Client Affairs
24 April 2012

Comment: Why To Start Preparing Kids Early For Top-Tier Universities

Few parents realize how important it is to start grooming their kids earlier for university,...

Client Affairs
23 April 2012

The Worries Of The UHNW - Spectrem Group Survey

Ultra high net worth individuals are still in wealth preservation mode, according to the latest...