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5 September 2014

NEWS ANALYSIS: Singapore's Outsourcing Rules Explained Twice Over

The Monetary Authority of Singapore's guidelines on outsourcing compliance functions are put under...

12 August 2014

Singapore Doesn't Seek, Attract Hot Money Fleeing Switzerland, Other Places - MAS

Singapore is not seeing a large influx of money fleeing offshore jurisdictions such as Switzerland,...

1 August 2014

Singapore Proposes Criminal Sanctions Against Market Benchmark Fiddlers

The MAS has proposed to make it a criminal offence to manipulate market benchmarks - an issue that...

22 July 2014

Singapore Regulator Proposes Stronger Investor Protection Regime

Singapore’s financial regulator is proposing to give investors the kind of protection that...

Banking Crisis
26 June 2014

MAS Tells Singapore-Based Banks How To Prepare For The Worst

The Monetary Authority of Singapore has set out new plans on how it wants banks operating in the...

New Products
2 April 2014

Vontobel Says It Enhances Structured Products Business For Singapore Clients

Vontobel has created what it claims a “new level” of price transparency and ease of use for the...

27 February 2014

Singapore Signs Financial Cooperation Deal With The UK

Singapore's MAS signs financial cooperation agreement with the UK. ...

People Moves
2 January 2014

MAS Announces Board Reappointments

The Singapore financial regulator announces two reappointments to its board of directors. ...

Alt Investments
22 November 2013

Singapore Regulator Issues 2014 Limited Edition Coins

Collectors poised for MAS' unveiling of 2014 limited edition coins....

Asset Management
7 November 2013

Singapore Will See Greater Insurance Demand In Next Decade - MAS


Comment & Analysis results for Monetary Authority of Singapore