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16 December 2020

Court Reportedly Throws Wrench Into Beneficial Ownership Debate

A lawyer campaigning to protect financial privacy says a Luxembourg court has taken an important...

10 December 2020

Guernsey Eyes Change To Private Investment Fund Regime

Introduced in Guernsey in November 2016, the entity has been used by new and existing fund...

2 December 2020

Why More Wealth Firms Move Onshore

Certain "onshore" financial centres are attracting more wealth management action, driven by...

30 November 2020

Explain Yourself! How Courts Think About Unexplained Wealth Orders

Unexplained Wealth Orders have garnered much attention for their role in curbing the flow of dirty...

25 November 2020

British Virgin Islands Lauds Think Tank's Beneficial Ownership Stance

Public registers of beneficial ownership come in different forms and the subject remains...

23 November 2020

It Pays To Have Backup Plans: "Golden Visas" And HNW Americans

There was a moment in a James Bond film where "Q" tells the famous agent to "always have a backup...

11 November 2020

Former Google CEO Uses Cyprus "Golden Visa" - Report

Ironically, the Cyprus “golden visa” scheme was put on temporary hold a few weeks ago following...

21 October 2020

Restarting Economic Growth: Where Asian Economies, IFCs Combine

The author of this article argues that as Asia and the rest of the world begin to rebuild their...

16 October 2020

Deadline Nears As UAE Unveils New Beneficial Ownership Regime

New regulations bring the concept of beneficial ownership into the UAE, part the jurisdiction's...

8 October 2020

Groups Applaud Cayman Islands' EU Blacklist Exit; Oman Also Removed

While the existence of such blacklists can be politically controversial, the removal of the Cayman...

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17 April 2019

The Bahamas Clear Choice Innovation, Expertise, Location, Regulation


8 February 2019

The Isle Of Man's IFC Future: Brexit And Other Tests

This publication recently questioned the Isle of Man's financial services sector about its strategy...

28 August 2018

Mauritius Raises IFC Game, Says Practitioner

In the never-ending battle for business among IFCs, one jurisdiction that appears to be pushing its...

8 May 2018

Charting Beneficial Ownership Registers In Luxembourg

This article looks at the hot topic of registers of beneficial ownership, examining the...

26 March 2018

Expat Russian HNW Clients Shouldn't Panic Amid Diplomatic Deep Freeze

Private client advisors to Russian expats in the UK say such HNW individuals face tighter scrutiny...

14 December 2017

Fraud investigations in the offshore world: a primer

Kenneth Krys, a certified fraud examiner for the past twenty-five years, discusses the most popular...

29 November 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: What The Paradise Papers Really Reveal

The author of this item writes a typically robust defence of financial privacy and untangles some...

18 May 2017

Time To Stand Up And Defend Financial Privacy - London Conference

There appears no slowing of demand for private financial information to be put in the public...

20 February 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Where Does The Panama Papers Saga Leave Offshore World?

The fallout from the Panama Papers scandal of last year continues, and this article examines the UK...

16 November 2016

GUEST ARTICLE: Non-Doms And The Brexit Dimension

The UK government has significantly changed the operation of the non-domicile rules. The Brexit...