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6 July 2022

White Paper Predicts How Financial Hubs Will Look In 2030

A number of organisations have tried to predict how financial centres, including those often dubbed...

6 July 2022

How To Structure Wisely In A Cross-border World

With structuring also offering increasingly sophisticated solutions to international lifestyles,...

23 May 2022

The Rise Of The UK's Innovator Visa

The UK's Tier 1 investor regime is, for the time being, dead because of the Russian invasion of...

19 April 2022

Jersey Authorities Investigate Russian Oligarch's Suspected Activities – Media

The former owner of Chelsea Football Club's financial affairs are being probed in Jersey, reports...

14 April 2022

Why UK's Retirement Of "Golden Visas" Is A Mistake

Since the launch of the UK's Tier 1 investor visa regime in 2008, almost 5,000 high net worth...

1 April 2022

Claims Over European "Tax Havens" Swirl Amid Sanctions

A firm specialising in AML work has seized on the crackdowns against Russian oligarchs to say how...

23 March 2022

Politics, Covid And Climate Drive "Golden Visa" Market – Report

While it made a reference to conflict in Europe as a driver of some visa applications, the firm did...

22 March 2022

Want Green Funds, Cryptos And CAT Bonds With That? – A Look At Guernsey

This news service talks to the agency promoting the island as an IFC, asking how it is trying to...

7 March 2022

UK Scraps Tier 1 Investor Visa: The Wider Impact

The UK has scrapped its "golden visa" regime following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russians...

7 March 2022

FATF Puts United Arab Emirates On "Grey List"

The intergovernmental body has put the UAE on a list including jurisdictions as varied as the...

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2 April 2020

The World's In Flux: So Let's Talk About Luxembourg

This publication regularly examines the moving parts of IFCs and how such jurisdictions are...

28 February 2020

Protecting The Client: The Cross-Border Dimension

As part of this publication's series on "protecting the client" we talk to a law firm that focuses...

17 February 2020

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Is Switzerland's Famed Neutrality A Dead Letter?

As if negative interest rates, viruses and economic wobbles weren't enough, Switzerland has to deal...

29 November 2019

Exploring British Virgin Islands' New "Economic Substance" Tests

The arrival of new "economic substance" requirements on the British Virgin Islands, a move designed...

13 November 2019

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Switzerland

In this discussion, we run through the problems and opportunities for Switzerland. ...

10 October 2019

Isle Of Man Trumpets Strength Through Diversity

This publication spoke recently to a range of wealth management and associated practitioners in the...

5 August 2019

Why Global Citizens Need Global Wealth Solutions

The cross-border issues affecting high net worth individuals get a fresh perspective from Lombard...

21 June 2019

A Walk Around New Swiss Regulatory Developments

Wealth management practitioners left numbed by the endless coverage of Brexit or US-China trade...

25 April 2019

We Still Need To Talk About Brexit - Legal Analysis

A lawyer talks about the impact of Brexit on cross-border wealth planning, trusts and other issues...

17 April 2019

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