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25 February 2021

Controversial Bitcoin Figure Hires Lawyers In Hacked Account Case

A prominent figure in the cryptocurrency space, whose holdings of bitcoin were "lost" after his...

23 February 2021

Digital Assets In Focus: Where's This Market Going?

One of this news service's senior figures recently spoke to a Singapore-based news service about...

19 February 2021

Is Bitcoin Becoming Mainstream?

The ascent of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, has excited considerable commentary and the view that...

12 February 2021

Swiss Banks Form Blockchain Group

Distributed ledger technology known as blockchain - the platform most commonly associated with...

Investment Strategies
10 February 2021

Tesla Propels Bitcoin Surge - What Wealth Managers Say

The latest gyrations in cryptocurrency are making it harder for wealth managers and advisors to...

Asset Management
22 January 2021

Cryptos Are Here To Stay - But Be Careful

Bitcoin hit $42,000 a coin earlier this month, a rise of 300 per cent since October. Questions...

15 March 2019

ETFs Providers Take A Shine To Blockchain

The technology associated most famously with Bitcoin, but also full of promise for other uses,...

28 January 2019

Winter Did Not Freeze Alpine “Crypto Valley” As New Firms Grow – Data

Recent months haven’t been kind to controversial crypto-currency bitcoin but the related...

16 January 2019

Crypto-Assets Get More Mainstream In New "Vault"

After launching bitcoin certificates two years ago, Swiss investment bank Vontobel has gone a step...

Investment Strategies
13 July 2018

Diamonds: A New Asset Class?

New "token" technology that comes from the same sort of stable as Bitcoin can change how investors...

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