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18 August 2020

Schroders Latest To Report No Rush Back To Office

The policy for encouraging staff to return to the office to save city centre businesses and revive...

Client Affairs
14 August 2020

Expats On The Move

There is some evidence that professionals are moving back to their home countries as a result of...

Client Affairs
14 August 2020

China "Bytes" Back: The Case For Equities - Comment

Much of what is fuelling deteriorating US-China relations is business dominance. China is rapidly...

Client Affairs
11 August 2020

Brexit Outweighs COVID In Retiring Abroad

Many in the UK are rethinking retirement plans for moving abroad. Their decisions are less focused...

Client Affairs
22 July 2020

EU Passes Recovery Plan - The Details

Beyond the headline that the EU 27 have struck a deal, this overview from AXA IM's group chief...

Client Affairs
10 July 2020

ESG Lens Making, Breaking Reputations

How families in the public eye invest their money is only going to face more scrutiny. Sustainable...

Client Affairs
1 July 2020

Wealth Management: Finding And Placing Talent

This news service speaks to an experienced wealth sector executive search figure about the state of...

Client Affairs
26 June 2020

Get Busy Talking To Build Client Confidence - Quilter Survey

Talking regularly to clients during a crisis such as the pandemic ought to be blindlingly obvious...

Client Affairs
18 June 2020

How Tough Times Get Families To Re-Set Wealth Priorities

Families and their businesses shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to think about how to keep their...

Client Affairs
2 June 2020

We Need To Talk About Brexit - Again

With further lockdown easings in June that have scientists divided, Arbuthnot's lead economist...

Comment & Analysis results for Client Affairs

Client Affairs
13 October 2005

A Rising Tide Erodes Risk

Autumn is conference time in New York, and this year is no different. The United Nations General...

Client Affairs
18 September 2005

Superstars Zoom Ahead in Pay Stakes

The pay divide between the bosses of Britain’s largest companies and those a little below them is...

Client Affairs
30 August 2005

Escaping the UK Revenue – Residence, Rules and Rock & Roll

Highly paid executives are frequently in and out of the UK, and some recent tax developments have...

Client Affairs
15 August 2005

An Open Window Of Opportunity

In the late 1990s, a series of monetary crises and bond defaults in Asia and Latin America rocked...

Client Affairs
26 July 2005

American Expatriates Warned on Tax & Legal Pitfalls

The costly legal and financial mistakes that Americans can make when relocating to live or work in...

Client Affairs
21 July 2005

Civil Partnerships - The New Law

On 5 December 2005, the Civil Partnerships Act 2004 will come into force, giving same-sex couples...

Client Affairs
19 July 2005

The Mystery of the Flat Curve

The early summer’s divertissement is the great rate debate, which some are dubbing Greenspan’s...

Client Affairs
8 June 2005

Private Banks and Yacht Financing: A Growing Business

The sight of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s three super yachts moored on a dock in...

Client Affairs
24 May 2005

Share Appreciation Rights: The Way Forward for Executive Compensation?

UK Listed companies are under continual pressure to issue their share capital effectively. It is...

Client Affairs
16 May 2005

UK Executive Remuneration: Size Matters

Total remuneration is crucial, when reviewing directors’ pay. In 2004, for companies with over...