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Investment Strategies
24 September 2014

Financial Markets Shrug Off Geopolitics But For How Long? Asks Citigroup

The ability of countries such as the US to unlock previously hard-to-get energy from the ground by...

Investment Strategies
29 August 2014

Citigroup Warns That Investors Are Underpricing Risk Of "Yes" Vote For Scottish Independence

As the date of the referendum on whether Scotland should become a fully independent nation draws...

Financial Results
15 July 2014

Citigroup Logs Rise In Private Banking Revenue; Settles Mortgage Probe With US Government

Private banking revenues rose in the second quarter at Citigroup, while the US banking group, as...

14 July 2014

Citigroup, US Authorities Set To Announce Agreement Over Bond Sale Probe - Report

Citigroup[/tag] and US authorities will announce a $7 billion agreement as early as today to halt...

Asset Management
18 June 2014

Citisoft Launches Service For Asset Managers Halting Outsourcing Deals

Citigroup[/tag], an investment management consulting firm, has announced an exit strategy and...

Alt Investments
2 June 2014

Give Hedge Funds A Break - The Sector's Doing Fine, Says Citigroup

Despite some recent mixed results and data, a new report from Citigroup paints an optimistic...

Investment Strategies
9 May 2014

Citigroup Flags Raft Of Political Risks For Investors, But It's Not All Doom And Gloom

A range of political risks, including issues such as Russia sanctions through to election upsets,...

Financial Results
15 April 2014

Citi Private Bank Revenues Rise Year-On-Year

Citi Private Bank revenues rose 6 per cent year-on-year to reach $668 million at end-March 2014,...

24 March 2014

High-Ranking Russian Citizen, Ukrainians Targeted By US, Swiss In Separate Moves

Amid the continued crisis involving Russia and Ukraine, a Russian citizen living in the US has been...

Investment Strategies
17 March 2014

Citigroup Weighs Market, Economic Risks Amid Crimea

Citigroup analysts have laid out what is at stake in yesterday’s crucial referendum in Crimea, as...

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