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2 August 2022

Rising UK Inheritance Tax Receipts Put Advice Under Spotlight

The UK government's tax authority has released its annual inheritance tax receipts for the...

13 June 2022

Business Property Relief: A Way To Handle Inheritance Tax?

More UK citizens are in the inheritance tax firing line and the numbers are likely to rise, putting...

8 April 2022

UK Government Attacked Over Non-Dom Regime

Defenders of the non-dom regime say such wealthy people are still taxed on certain UK-based...

1 March 2022

Why Family Disputes Are Rising In English Courts

Arguments about family inheritance are getting more intense and the numbers of these disputes are...

22 October 2021

Bridging The IHT Gap: When Asset Rich, Cash Poor: Comment

Probate lending is a developing area. This practitioner explains what is available for HNW estates...

Trust Estate
21 October 2021

Succeeding At Succession - Workable Inheritance Plans

James Bond's latest incarnation has said he does not want his children to inherit his fortune. He...

Client Affairs
20 October 2021

The Tax Collector Cometh - How Insurance Handles HNW Cash Crunch

The days when UK-based property would be clear of inheritance taxes if owned by foreigners have...

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27 May 2021

Swiss Lawmakers Widen Inheritance Law Freedoms

Swiss legislators give people more freedom to decide what happens to their estate and who inherits...

3 February 2021

A Major Inheritance Wrangle: Lessons For HNW Clients, Advisors

The author of this article examines a long-run and immensely expensive lawsuit pitting an Italian...

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28 September 2020

A Tangled Investment Web Causes Inheritance Migraines

Investors look more widely to find yield in a low-rate environment, and that means their assets can...

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8 November 2021

Women And Wealth: Minimising The Inheritance Tax Burden

This practitioner examines the knowledge gap between women and men where IHT is concerned; and what...

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12 August 2020

Law Of Unintended Consequences - Inheritance And The Pandemic

Mistakes over estate planning come to light when, as a result of COVID-19, families can be hit with...

22 May 2020

Estate Planning: Why Are Digital Assets So Tricky To Deal With?

A timely question - with or without a global pandemic - is what becomes of your digital assets?...

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12 August 2019

Inheritance Mostly Overrated As A Source Of Wealth

Is inheritance given too much credit as a source of wealth and therefore do policymakers and...

10 November 2010

Writing A Will Across Borders

Writing a will is a vital aspect of succession planning and management of inheritance, and the need...

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27 October 2008

Plunge In Asset Values Creates Opportunities For Tax Planners

Drops in asset prices means now is paradoxically a good time to look at tax planning via trusts and...

16 October 2007

Changes to French Taxes Should Benefit UK Expats

Changes to French tax laws could provide a benefit to UK citizens who are resident in the country...

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21 December 2006

The Burden of UK Inheritance Tax – Is It Fair?

Two elderly sisters narrowly lost their battle in the European Court of Human Rights on 12 December...

Client Affairs
27 October 2006

Changing Domicile for IHT - Advice for UK Expats

Advisors helping British expats to deal with their inheritance tax planning must consider asking...

10 April 2006

The Proposed Inheritance Tax Treatment of UK Trusts

The Briefing Note(“BN25”) which accompanied the UK Budget on 22 March 2006 dropped a real...