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M and A
20 November 2023

Julius Baer To Sell Italian Business

UBS said that all Kairos senior management and co-shareholders will join Anima as part of the...

11 October 2023

HNW Visas, Foreign Residency Remain Popular Despite Headwinds, Advisors Say

Although some governments have suspended or closed so-called "golden visas," there remains plenty...

People Moves
24 August 2023

Singapore-Headquartered Farro Starts Mobility, Immigration Solutions Business

Sometimes (but not always accurately) dubbed "golden visas," this market offers a significant...

19 July 2023

Singapore Passports Overtake Japan's For Most Visa-Free Travel

Such rankings cast light on the kind of jurisdictions that are attractive in lacking onerous entry...

21 April 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: UK Should Revisit Investor Visas, Retain Non-Dom Status

In this opinion article, the author has another look at the market in what are sometimes dubbed...

24 February 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: How Killing UK's Tier 1 Visa Continues Non-Dom Decline

The Canada-based author of this opinion piece, responding to this news service's commentary a few...

20 February 2023

Golden Visa Market Pressured, Another Country Shuts Doors

The market for selling HNW investor visas is on the back foot after two European Union member...

17 February 2023

Dublin Calls Time On Golden Visas

Another country's investor visa regime has been taken off the shelf in response, so it appears, to...

22 August 2022

Hong Kong Residents Head To UK – Tax Implications

A lawyer at Kingsley Napley discusses some of the tax and other issues those wanting to take up a...

Client Affairs
31 May 2022

UK's High Potential Individual Visa Scheme Goes Live

The new programme is in some ways a revival of a similar scheme run in the UK from 2002 to 2008....