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WM Market Reports
25 July 2024

Higher, More Complex Wealth Fuels Demand For More Financial Relationships – Capgemini

Following the publication of its recent World Wealth Report, Capgemini talks to this publication...

WM Market Reports
5 June 2023

Market Falls Hit 2022 HNW Individuals' Wealth; Firms Must Raise Digital Game – Capgemini

One of a cluster of annual measures of how well – or not – the global wealth sector is faring,...

WM Market Reports
14 June 2022

Rising Markets Propelled HNW Population, Wealth Growth In 2021; Asia Lagged – Capgemini

Another of the large annual wealth reports has underscored how rising markets last year boosted...

WM Market Reports
19 November 2021

Capgemini Charts Big Wealth Sector Trends

In an annual overview, Capgemini delves into the big trends shaping the wealth management industry,...

WM Market Reports
1 July 2021

HNW Clients Often Frown On Fee Structures; Firms Must Adapt – Study

This publication looks at other features of the annual Capgemini report on wealth management and...

WM Market Reports
30 June 2021

HNW Individuals' Wealth, Numbers Grow; Markets Decouple From Real Economy

Unlike the financial hurricane of 2008, the pandemic of 2020 did not do lasting market damage and,...

Family Business Insights
27 May 2021

Fintechs Turn Up The Heat, Consumers Still Prefer Traditional Banks - Study

Traditional banks are challenged by fintechs, but they are not on the defensive as much as some...

WM Market Reports
10 July 2020

US Regains Top Global Wealth Standing: Capgemini

While Capgemini's 2020 report shows that wealth managers are facing an unpredictable period, it...

WM Market Reports
7 July 2020

Live Event: Capgemini, The Rudin Group Launch World Wealth Report 2020

In a new development playing to digital communications tech, Capgemini is using a live webinar...

WM Market Reports
22 April 2020

Banks Must Get Friendlier With Fintechs - Capgemini Study

Banks must pal up with fintechs in a more strategic way to help reach out to new clients and...

Comment & Analysis results for Capgemini

23 June 2011

US Still Leads In Wealth, But Wealth Managers Face Challenges

The US is still home to the single largest segment of high net worth individuals in the world,...

13 June 2005

Mid-Tier Millionaires are Apparently Underserved, Opportunity?

Trends in wealth management are always focused on in the annual World Wealth Report by Merrill...

Fund Management
10 June 2005

HNW Investors Becoming Conservative in Asset Allocation—Merrill/CapGemini Report

The move by high net worth investors into numerous alternative investments continued in 2004, but...

Market Research
10 June 2005

Global Wealth of HNWIs Rises Rapidly in 2004—Merrill/Capgemini Report

World wealth of high net worth individuals rose 8 per cent in 2004 to $30 trillion. The world’s...