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27 February 2024

A Shift From London As “Divorce Capital Of The World”?

It is unclear whether London will retain its international reputation as a place favoured for its...

Real Estate
22 February 2024

Wealthy Clients Keep Smiling On UK Property – Here’s Why

The author of this article delves into what wealthy investors around the world are doing in the UK...

20 February 2024

Tackling Black-Box Challenge To Unlock AI’s Potential

In setting out what "explainable AI" means and how it fits into the private banking and wealth...

19 February 2024

How Value Chain Disruption Spawns Wealth Sector Open Finance Models

The article explores what is meant by "open finance" and how it applies to the wealth management...

Real Estate
15 February 2024

Evergrande Liquidation: The Next Chapter In A Saga

The saga of Evergrande, the large Chinese property development group that sank under a weight of...

14 February 2024

Exploring Fractional Executives As A Game-Changer For Business Growth

The word "fractional" is bandied about a lot these days and now there's the phenomenon of the...

13 February 2024

Satoshi Identity Dispute COPA v Craig Wright – Why It Matters

The actual identity of the person assumed to have created bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, is on the...

12 February 2024

The Super Rich, Tax And Emigration

The author of this article notices that while a potential change of government in the UK could see...

8 February 2024

Quantum computing: The Data Security Conundrum

We carry this guest article about the cybersecurity implications of what is called quantumn...

7 February 2024

UK Ends Remote Witnessing Of Wills – The Implications

This commentary, from the private wealth arm of law firm Hugh James, examines moves by the UK...

Investment Strategies
2 February 2024

Egypt’s Resilience As Foreign Direct Investment Destination

This article examines the state of play around foreign direct investment into Egypt, a country...

1 February 2024

Advisors Should Demand Accurate ERI Data To Protect Clients

Time is running out for wealth managers to obtain accurate, actionable data on what's called Excess...

31 January 2024

Financial Abuse: A Growing Global Problem

The wealth and private client industry has an important role to play in ensuring that elderly abuse...

Wealth Strategies
31 January 2024

What’s The Future For Private Credit?

The private credit sphere has expanded significantly in recent years. The author of this article...

30 January 2024

The Rise Of Smart Wealth: Embedded Finance's Role In Wealth Management

What does "embedded finance" have to offer today's more tech-savvy end of wealth management? This...

Investment Strategies
30 January 2024

"Benign" Multi-Asset Investment Conditions Are In Place – Julius Baer

A combination of factors points to a "benign" backdrop for multi-asset investors this year, the...

Wealth Strategies
23 January 2024

Deal-By Deal Private Equity Gains Momentum In Alternatives Arena

As the era of "easy money" appears to be over, investors are increasingly seeking to supplement...

22 January 2024

Are UHNW Individuals Finally Ready To Go Digital?

UHNW individuals, who have tended to go for more traditional wealth services, are in danger of...

19 January 2024

Remaining Viable: How, Insurers' Cybersecurity Is A Major Problem

Insurance companies offer cybersecurity risk protection to other firms – including banks and...

17 January 2024

When Should Charities Refuse Donations

The decision about when to accept a donation or turn it down is complex. With sources of wealth...