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13 November 2023

Legal, Trust And Corporate Law Changes In Switzerland – An Overview

The author of this article, a familiar face in the Swiss and wider world of private client advisory...

11 October 2023

HNW Visas, Foreign Residency Remain Popular Despite Headwinds, Advisors Say

Although some governments have suspended or closed so-called "golden visas," there remains plenty...

27 July 2023

Panama Papers "Whistleblower" Sues Germany For Reward; ICIJ Says Doesn't Pay For Information

In an unusual turn events, the person who claims to have fired the alert about the huge trove off...

13 June 2023

WealthTalk: The Changing World Of Residency, Citizenship Via Investment


19 May 2023

What's Driving Monaco's IFC Success – In Conversation With TrustConsult

During this news service's attendance at a Monaco-based conference, we spoke to founding partner of...

16 May 2023

Making The Case For Offshore In Testing Times – Monaco Conference Report

Wealth structuring, the right way to own a yacht, the challenges for startup backers and the...

26 April 2023

What Makes The Bahamas Succeed As An IFC? – Webinar

What drives the wealth and private advisory industry in the Bahamas, and what is next for this...

21 April 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: UK Should Revisit Investor Visas, Retain Non-Dom Status

In this opinion article, the author has another look at the market in what are sometimes dubbed...

30 March 2023

British Virgin Islands Spells Out Contribution To Global Growth, Jobs

International financial centres, aka offshore centres, have not had an easy ride in the court of...

24 February 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: How Killing UK's Tier 1 Visa Continues Non-Dom Decline

The Canada-based author of this opinion piece, responding to this news service's commentary a few...

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12 April 2023

Why Residency/Citizenship-By-Investment Visas Aren't Going Away

This news service speaks to a business that has offices in a number of jurisdictions – including...

6 March 2023

The Squeeze On Investment Visas – What Should Happen Now?

With these programmes, the subject of this interview says, the benefit is not just in the initial...

1 February 2023

Dubai Government Doubles Down In Attracting Onshore, Offshore Wealth

We talk to the government in Dubai – at its economic and tourism department – about its...

25 January 2023

New BVI Act Provides Clarity On Virtual Assets

In December, legislation was introduced in the British Virgin Islands for virtual assets. The...

4 November 2022

A Wide Set Of Wealth, Business Tools In Jersey: In Conversation With Stonehage Fleming

What sort of structures and entities do clients coming to Jersey want to use? What sort of...

30 September 2022

Green Funds, Foundations And Other Qualities: The Guernsey Formula

This news service talks to the organisation that promotes the island's financial services sector...

6 September 2022

Havens Of Calm In Volatile Times: The Channel Islands

At last, after the lockdowns and restrictions have eased off, this news service spent time in...

14 June 2022

The Bahamas And Resilience Through Testing Times – Latest Report

This is a mini-series on The Bahamas Financial Services Industry. ...

7 April 2022

Jersey Trumpets Global Financial Value Chain Impact

The Channel Islands jurisdiction has described its contribution to global "value chains," making a...

26 October 2021

Reflections On Pandemic's Impact On IFCs: View From The Cayman Islands

As part of a set of articles looking at how offshore centres have tried to cope with the pandemic...