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1 December 2023

Franklin Templeton Outlines Key Issues To be Tackled At COP28

As the United Nations Climate Change Conference starts in Dubai this week, with an early...

30 November 2023

As COP 28 Begins, Quaero Capital Outlines Top ESG-Focused Stock Picks

As investors face a number of challenges, notably climate change, Geneva-based asset management...

30 November 2023

UK Advisors Combine To Raise Sustainability Engagement

The power of combination is demonstrated, so the UK advisors say, when it comes to engaging with...

28 November 2023

UK’s Global Returns Project Unveils New Partnership 

The organisation raises money for selected climate charities and, by working with a number of...

16 November 2023

Spotlight On Climate Change, ESG Investing – COP 28 Preview

After US climate envoy John Kerry said China and the US made progress in climate discussions, ahead...

16 November 2023

"Greenwashing" Controversies Focus Minds On What Investors Own

This news service talks to the MFO – born from a series of corporate mergers and acquisitions –...

14 November 2023

How Blending Philanthropy, Investment Creates "Win-Wins" – Pictet

This news service recently spoke to a senior Pictet figure about the work it does on...

23 October 2023

EXCLUSIVE: Mediolanum's Funds Business Targets Climate Change; Firm Mulls Chinese Economy

Investment managers at Mediolanum International Funds (MIFL) discuss their latest funds at the...

18 October 2023

Edmond de Rothschild AM Launches Climate-Focused Fund

Paris-based Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management steps up its commitment to combat climate...

17 October 2023

The ESG Phenomenon: Nikko Asset Management

The latest developments in the ESG space. ...

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13 September 2022

Fossil Fuels And Transition: What's The Direction Of Travel?

A commentator on ESG and sustainability talks to this publication about the transition from fossil...

16 August 2022

Pushback Against ESG: Collective Action Or Collective Suicide?

The supposedly remorseless drive against carbon-based energy towards areas such as wind, solar,...

15 July 2022

Greenwashing: How Big Is The Problem And How To Fix It?

With the rush of money into the area of "green" and ESG investing, a concern arises about how...

4 July 2022

Weapons Manufacturing Is Not Sustainable. No Ifs Or Buts

The following article comes from an organisation that thinks it is not acceptable for ESG investors...

10 June 2022

EDITORIAL COMMENT: BCG Highlights Wealth Managers' Sustainability Prize, Challenges

The issues around sustainability unsurprisingly get big treatment in the annual Boston Consulting...

11 April 2022

Overcoming UK Pension Investment Inertia Over ESG

We talk to a new UK business that says it helps holders of pension funds to shift into more...

14 January 2022

Wealth Industry's Force For Environmental Good Accelerates

We talk to an investment firm at the cutting edge of putting money to work in businesses that cut...

12 November 2021

Pricing Carbon: What Are The Options?

Putting a price on carbon emissions makes polluting energy sources expensive and provides an...

27 October 2021

Understanding Valuations Amid Rapid Energy Sector Change

Talk of "bubbles" and "greenwashing" has taken a bit of gloss off ESG investing for some, although...