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Charting The Human Capital Needs Of Family Offices

Editorial Staff

23 March 2023

UK-based executive search figure Mark Somers, co-founder and partner of , has launched his new book, Family Office Fundamentals – Human Capital Matters.

The book is a guide to helping principals, family members and their closest advisors build and populate a family office that attracts, retains and motivates leading industry talent.

The book draws insights from 50 senior people in the family office industry, such as principals, professionals, academics, consultants and subject matter experts, Somers Partnership said in a statement today about the new book.

The book adds to other studies of the world’s growing family offices ecosystem, which have tapped into the rising number of ultra-high net worth individuals and families. For some time a relatively obscure area, understanding the talent management needs in the space is continuing to develop. (See an article here on the continued relevance of executive search firms around the world.)

“The book details the critical importance of human capital considerations when it comes to structures, governance, recruitment, succession planning and compensation, highlighting the importance of diverse teams which reflect the characteristics of the principals and beneficiaries that they serve,” Somers said. 

“It is vital that family offices are equipped with the right people to balance interests between generations sensitively and diplomatically. Furthermore, a recognition of the importance and value of understanding neurodiversity will clearly distinguish the future leaders of the family office investment world. Family offices are an increasingly important force in the financial landscape,” he said.