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What Is The Opportunity For Wealth In Fighting Climate Change - Webinar

Editorial Staff

30 July 2021

This news service is delighted to hold the second of a three-part webinar series, produced in association with Aviva Investors, examining climate change issues and their importance for wealth managers and clients. 

The webinar asks the question “What is the opportunity?” for the industry in tackling climate change, the urgency of which was already stressed in the first webinar. 

The webinar draws together themes of sustainability, combatting climate change, evolving geopolitical priorities and growing corporate understanding of how dealing with climate change affects society. 

This panel is moderated by Stephen Harris, Chief Executive, WealthBriefing, and the panellists are Tom Tayler, Senior Manager, Aviva Investors Sustainable Finance Centre For Excellence, and Stephen Metcalf, Head of Sustainable Investing, RBC Wealth Management. 

The panel considers several themes. For example, it asks what represents the biggest opportunity to change the world - is it reducing investment in the bad actors; increasing investment in the things we urgently need; such as cleantech and socially responsible companies; or a more general good governance push?

Another question is: Are the investment opportunities that ESG affords suitable for every type and size of investor? Are they more suited to some than others - for instance should the timescale of returns or need for income be factored in - and if so how are these factors likely to affect investment decisions?

To see a copy of this discussion, click on this link.