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Emerging Markets
26 March 2024

Navigating Reefs, Shoals Of Emerging Markets At UK's Chikara

Emerging market equities have, in overall terms, not fared well in recent years when compared with...

Emerging Markets
22 November 2023

Playing India's Growth Story – In Conversation With Ocean Dial

A country that continues to press its case as a major investment opportunity is India. We talk to a...

Emerging Markets
3 October 2023

Surfing The Ups, Downs Of Emerging Market Debt

This news service talked to a UK-based specialist investment firm that concentrates on emerging...

Emerging Markets
13 July 2023

Exclusive: Hong Kong's Chartwell Eyes Hidden China Gems

Ronald Chan, founder and CIO of Chartwell Capital, an investment firm based in Hong Kong, discusses...

Emerging Markets
14 April 2023

Gulf Investment Fund Positions For More Wins Beyond World Cup

While not without points of controversy, last year's World Cup football tournament in the...

Emerging Markets
23 December 2022

ARTICLE OF THE YEAR: Banker Becomes Soldier In Ukraine's Frontline

An interview with a banker, venture capitalist and now soldier in Ukraine's conflict with Vladimir...

Emerging Markets
26 October 2022

New Bond Builds Funding For UK-Linked Emerging Market Countries

Investment links between the UK and India are important. They are likely to gain traction for...

Emerging Markets
27 September 2022

Investors Should Consider Corporate Emerging Market Debt – J Stern & Co

Investors, who might treat all emerging market debt as the same, are making a mistake. A European...

Emerging Markets
19 September 2022

East Europe, Russia Hedge Funds Pare Losses But Still Underwater

Russian assets had plunged as the stock exchange closed and the rouble posted steep losses before...

Emerging Markets
30 August 2022

KKR Targets India's Infrastructure Potential

The launch of the trust takes place on the back of growing demand to expand India’s road network,...

Comment & Analysis results for Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets
14 October 2022

Focus On Investment Opportunities In China – Chartwell Capital

As investors struggle to decide where to put their money, Ronald Chan, founder and CIO of Chartwell...

Emerging Markets
15 August 2022

Crux Asset Management Eyes Indonesian Promise

We talk to an asset manager running Asia ex-Japan equities who argues that there is a strong and...

Emerging Markets
22 December 2020

What Does India Have To Offer Investors In 2021?

As one of the world’s great emerging market economies, how should India figure in the portfolios...

Emerging Markets
15 May 2020

Bordier & Cie Smiles On Vietnam Potential

The Swiss firm has partnered with a Vietnam-based bank as part of a strategy to build business in...

Emerging Markets
14 January 2020

Chinese-Style Capitalism - A Personal Perspective

The author of this article argues that in some respects China is arguably more committed to free...