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10 February 2016

Two Seas Trust Officially Rebrands Under Elian Name

A Bahrain-based financial services firm has a new name. ...

Trust Estate
9 October 2015

Attacks On Australian Family Trusts For Unfair Tax Status Are Unwarranted - Lawyer

A law firm has weighed in on controversy surrounding the allegedly unfair tax advantages associated...

Trust Estate
23 September 2015

EXCLUSIVE GUEST ARTICLE: EU Succession Regulation - Panacea Or Plaster?

This article drills into detail of the new EU legal framework through which people will, in theory...

Trust Estate
3 September 2015

EXCLUSIVE EXPERT VIEW: When The Protector Stops Protecting - Withers On A Major Guernsey Judgement

The law firm examines a recent major case in the Channel Islands concerning what is called the role...

Trust Estate
11 August 2015

New EU Succession Regime Isn't Child's Play, But There Are Benefits - Practitioners

A new EU succession regime comes into play allowing, its framers hope, for people to choose the...

Trust Estate
7 August 2015

GUEST ARTICLE: The Death Of Wills Has Been Greatly Exaggerated, Says Boodle Hatfield

A widely-scrutinised legal ruling in London has prompted worries that wills will now be more easily...

Trust Estate
16 July 2015

Global Trust Firm Expands Footprint; Intends Further Moves, Including In Asia

An international player in the trust industry has expanded to the Caribbean. ...

Trust Estate
1 June 2015

Australian Tycoon Loses Family Battle Over Multi-Billion Dollar Trust - Media

A ruling in Australia has thrown up one of the most prominent examples in recent years of a family...

Trust Estate
29 May 2015

Wealth Advisor Blevins Franks Sounds Alert Over Portugal Trusts Move

A change to how distribution from trusts is treated in Portugal hasn't been widely recognised, a...

Trust Estate
18 May 2015

EXCLUSIVE: New EU Succession Law Aims To Widen Choices; Complexities Remain - Geneva Conference

A conference in Geneva focusing on issues such as a sweeping reform of European rules about...

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