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Family Office
15 October 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Europe's Single Family Offices: How Assets Compare

This article shows the actual size of Europe's single family offices and see how they stack up in...

Family Office
18 July 2019

Management Buyout Set To Expand Boston Multi Family Office Footprint

Buyout is a response to client demands and bolsters MFO's European offshore and onshore wealth...

Family Office
1 July 2019

Complexity, Investment Demands Drive Family Office Services - Citco

Family offices - apart from the very largest - struggle to carry out all their necessary tasks...

Family Office
23 May 2019

US Family Offices Execs' Pay Rises, More Long-Term Comp Plans - Morgan Stanley

A study drills into the details of how and why family office compensation plans are changing in the...

Family Office
29 April 2019

WealthBriefing Launches New Online Family Office Database

This publication is embarking on a major new partnership with Highworth Research to deliver data on...

Family Office
17 April 2019

Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News - FINTRX

The latest tech news in wealth management across the world. ...

Family Office
15 April 2019

UHNW Families Go Cool On Traditional Leadership - Stonehage Fleming

The leadership, risk management and inter-generational dynamics of families have been put under the...

Family Office
28 March 2019

Sandaire's Business Expansion Continues

The roll-out of the new business follows Sandaire's corporate finance launch. ...

Family Office
28 February 2019

Family Offices' DIY Talent-Hunting Ignores Need For Expertise - Recruiters

Experienced family office executive search figures frown on reports that FOs are sourcing more...

Family Office
5 February 2019

Challenges Of Family Offices' CFOs - Citi Private Bank White Paper

What does the role of the CFO at a family office involve and how does it differ from other...

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Family Office
19 July 2011

Dollar Worries: The Role Of Currency In Family Wealth Management

During a recent week in Switzerland, the dollar was the topic of many conversations with wealth...

Family Office
14 July 2011

John Benevides On Opportunities, Challenges For Harris myCFO

At only 43 John Benevides, president of family office services for Harris myCFO, is one of the most...

Family Office
8 July 2011

Serving The Ultra-Wealthy’s Health Needs

Dr Sabine Donnai three years ago founded a business aiming to provide seamless healthcare to the...

Family Office
29 June 2011

Comment: Dodd-Frank And The SEC's Revised Final Rule Are Bad News

Single family offices dodged a bullet with the Securities and Exchange Commission's final rule for...

Family Office
6 June 2011

As Assets Rise, Family Offices Face More Complexity

Family offices can expect both increasing assets and increasing complexity for the rest of the...

Family Office
3 June 2011

Reputation Management: A Growing Concern For Wealthy Families

As if family offices didn’t have enough to worry about, add having a family’s hard-earned...

Family Office
30 March 2011

Credit Suisse Forges Ahead In EMEA's Family Office Space

With 250 family offices in Europe each with $1 billion of assets, it is no wonder that private...

Family Office
15 February 2011

As Chinese Wealth Flourishes, Opportunity Emerges For The Family Office

By some estimates, there are 400 billionaire families in Mainland China today – now roughly the...

Family Office
28 January 2011

Instead Of Closing Shop, Small SFOs Finding Ways To Adapt

Rather than shut their doors, most small single family offices are finding ways to adapt and...

Family Office
9 December 2010

Defining The “Modern” Family Office? – Industry Weighs In On SEC Proposal

More than 80 industry insiders weighed in on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposal on...