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Investment Strategies
2 June 2022

EU Tightens Sanctions On Russia – Reactions

As one of the world's major power blocs, the 27-state group of the European Union has imposed...

Investment Strategies
23 May 2022

Don't Buy Into Claims That Globalisation Is Dying

One of America's largest banks argues that the much-touted retreat from globalisation, with all...

Investment Strategies
20 May 2022

Asset Management Titan Blasts Cryptos, Says They Make Portfolios Riskier

For some time, there was evidence that the field of "digital assets" was going mainstream. As far...

Investment Strategies
19 May 2022

UK Inflation Remains High – Wealth Managers' Reactions

Further evidence came out yesterday of how inflation is back with a vengeance, producing the kind...

Investment Strategies
17 May 2022

Geneva-Based Apricus Smiles On Equities, Is Underweight Bonds Amid Market Squalls

The EAM in Geneva sets out its investment views, including that it is overweight equities and...

Investment Strategies
17 May 2022

Why Behavioural Finance Needs Great Tech To Thrive

The field has been winning wealth management fans and generating plenty of noise. To make its...

Investment Strategies
9 May 2022

US Raises Interest Rates – Reactions

The era of ultra-low interest rates in the US is, it seems, beginning to end. We carry more...

Investment Strategies
4 May 2022

Defensive Stocks, Energy Best Shelter From Stagflation

As the phenomenon of rising inflation and a possible recession becomes more of a talking point, a...

Investment Strategies
3 May 2022

A Recession Will Come But Focus Now On Inflation Protection – UBS

One of the largest players in global wealth management argues that while a recession is a certainty...

Investment Strategies
26 April 2022

France's Macron Re-Elected: Wealth Managers' Reactions

Wealth management industry figures appeared broadly relieved yesterday as the results of the...

Comment & Analysis results for Investment Strategies

Investment Strategies
19 May 2011

Global Economy In Middle Of Sustained Upswing - BNY Mellon Chief Economist

Here, Richard Hoey, chief economist at BNY Mellon, gives a detailed commentary on the domestic US...

Investment Strategies
29 October 2010

Diversify Risk With A Dream Machine - The Evolving Classic Car Market

Classic cars have been an investment market for some time but now there is more data and...

Investment Strategies
23 August 2010

Racehorse Auctions - Investors Must Watch The Three-Year Cycle

Behind the midsummer glamour of Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and Newmarket in July, and York in...

Investment Strategies
12 April 2010

A Look At Structured Finance Investment In 2010 - The Beryl Consulting Group

As part of a continuing series, The Beryl Consulting Group gives its 2010 outlook and hedge fund...

Investment Strategies
11 March 2010

Active Vs Passive Investing - The Debate Rolls On

Ultimately, the debate on whether passive investing makes better value for money over the long term...

Investment Strategies
2 February 2010

Forex Gains Ground As Asset Class For Wealth Managers

Foreign exchange is high on the agenda of many wealth managers. With weakness across many leading...

Investment Strategies
21 January 2010

Good Times Set To Continue In Australia - Fidelity

The manager of an Australian equities fund for Fidelity, Paul Taylor, gives his views on the...

Investment Strategies
5 January 2010

Signs Of Growing Property Momentum

The financial crisis hit the derivatives market, and the sector linked to dealing in property was...

Investment Strategies
22 October 2009

Hedge Fund Industry Slowly On The Mend, Challenges Remain

There are further signs that the hedge fund sector has recovered from its poor year of 2008, with...

Investment Strategies
21 August 2009

High Cash Holdings Create Their Own Risks, Challenges

Until very recently, high net worth individuals have maintained large allocations to cash but such...