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Family Office
3 February 2020

An Integral Approach to the Family Office - Part One

Transpersonal psychology and family offices, two seemingly totally unrelated concepts, are relevant...

Family Office
27 January 2020

Single Family Offices Emerge From Shadows To Win Hottest Deals

This news service spoke to those involved in a new report on the world's family offices. One...

Family Office
20 January 2020

Family Offices Perched To Unlock Middle East Wealth

Stability is a byword for protecting wealth, and Middle Eastern families living in a fractious...

Family Office
17 January 2020

Fancy A Family Office Job? Here's A Guide

Still a relatively obscure sector within the overall financial services jungle, family offices have...

Family Office
8 January 2020

UBS Expands Family Offices Arm, Flags Other Changes

The world's largest wealth manager shows how the family offices sector is now a major battleground...

Family Office
7 January 2020

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Family Offices' Talent Drive Good News For Headhunters

Family offices are jumping into the private equity space to find talent, a situation which if it...

Family Office
6 November 2019

Family Offices' Perspectives: Crestbridge

As part of our series delving into the world of family offices, we talk to Crestbridge in the...

Family Office
5 November 2019

Family Offices' Perspectives: The View From Northern Trust

This is part of a series of articles examining family offices and the forces shaping the sector...

Family Office
4 November 2019

Family Offices' Perspectives: Sandaire

This news service recently spoke to Sandaire, the London-based multi-family office, about the...

Family Office
29 October 2019

SFO Conversions To Multi-Family Offices Pick Up

This publication talks to a multi-family office, which is part of a global association, asking why...

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Family Office
28 October 2011

A Walk Through The SEC Rules On Family Offices

In the first of two articles looking at new SEC rules on family offices, this publication looks at...

Family Office
20 October 2011

The Family Wealth Industry Is Being Transformed, Says GenSpring's Michael Zeuner

The family wealth industry is not only changing but being transformed, according to Michael Zeuner,...

Family Office
19 October 2011

Single-Family Offices Pausing To Reflect As Dodd-Frank Looms

Faced with the Dodd-Frank financial reform single-family offices are “pausing to take a hard look...

Family Office
29 September 2011

Exclusive: Flexibility Seen As Key For Family Office Structures

Families in transition need to be as flexible as possible when structuring their family office,...

Family Office
26 September 2011

Risk: A Personal And Professional Perspective From A HNW Family Member

Christine Walker, chief risk officer of Farmers and Merchants Trust Company, knows more about risk...

Family Office
21 September 2011

Freedom From Wealth: Wise Money And Freedom From Wealth In Volatile Times

Swings in markets and indices are large and growing larger every day. Stock gains or losses of 3...

Family Office
2 August 2011

Freedom From Wealth: New Family Office Rules Will Thwart Legendary Investor - And Others

George Soros has a long track record of seeing things others don’t, and his decision to close his...

Family Office
25 July 2011

Murdoch: A Wake-up Call To Family Business Owners

In the wake of the Murdoch scandal, Mustafa Hussain, a solicitor within Taylor Wessing’s wealth...

Family Office
21 July 2011

GenSpring's Ulloa On The Employment Options For Wealth Managers

“In the multi-family office industry most professionals come from what you might call ‘the...

Family Office
19 July 2011

SEC’s Family Office Ruling Failing To Boost MFO Business

Multi-family offices aren’t expecting an onslaught of single-family offices beating down their...