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2 January 2019

Under-Fire French Government Targets Tax-Avoiding Executives

The tax practices of certain executives in France are being targeted by an administration trying to...

6 December 2018

China Tightens Tax Evasion Regime, Curbs Foreign Travel - Media

The country is widening the scope for banning travel abroad for those who have overdue tax bills. ...

29 November 2018

HMRC Draws Fire Over Wider Tax Investigation Time Limits

HMRC is expanding the period when it can examine a person's past to hunt for offshore tax cheats, a...

16 November 2018

Warning Sounded Over UK Inheritance Tax Trap

UK taxpayers are going to incur extra tax charges because families are still failing to understand...

12 November 2018

EU Frowns On Italy, Isle of Man Tax Practices

The UK Crown Dependency and an EU member state have drawn fire from the European Commission over...

30 October 2018

Wealth Sector Shrugs Off UK Budget

From the viewpoint of the UK wealth sector, well used to calls for further crackdowns on tax...

24 October 2018

UK Probes Footballers Over Image Rights Tax Abuses - Report

This story comes at a time when tax authorities all around the world, including the Spanish...

11 October 2018

Transition Tax Burden Still Looms Over US Expats

A group that advocates on issues such as the tax regime faced by expat Americans renews its call on...

10 October 2018

Value-Added Tax Looms Over Cash-Strapped Bahrain

One of the GCC members is pushing to boost revenues amid a hit to its coffers because of weaker oil...

25 September 2018

English Football Star Counts Multi-Million Cost Of Dud Tax Scheme

The footballer used film investment partnership Invicta 43 to place a total investment of around...

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25 February 2005

IRS Offer to Settle "Abuse" Cases

The US Inland Revenue Service has unveiled a settlement initiative for executives and companies...

15 February 2005

How to Structure Deferred Bonus Plans - "Net" or "Gross"

This is a very important issue for senior executives as nearly half of the companies in the FTSE...

7 November 2002

Taxing times for Australia's ultra wealthy


13 June 2002

Is it time for flat taxes?

Although it is hardly likely to happen, there is at least a theoretical possibility that the Enron...

15 May 2002

Questions of personal tax as new concept is floated

The madcap world of the perpetual traveller is highlighted on thousands of web sites and in...

29 May 2001

South African Tax: the Dawn of a New Age