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10 September 2021

Costs Still Weigh Heavily On US Family Offices' Minds - Study

A survey of US family offices, carried out through February to May, delves into what concerns they...

Family Office
9 September 2021

Guiding Advisors, Principals On Family Offices - Talking To Bill Woodson

A co-author of a new book setting out how family offices operate, what they do and why they are...

Family Office
12 August 2021

Family Offices Must Talk With Lawmakers Over Regulatory Threat

Regulatory threats to family offices in the US stemming from the political reaction to the Archegos...

Family Office
2 August 2021

Family Offices Should Behave As Regulated Entities

This article explores the various risks involved from the family office perspective, including...

Family Office
22 July 2021

Family Offices Ponder Inflation Risks, Prolonged Low Rates - Goldman Sachs

The report showed that, among other details, more than 90 per cent of respondents invested in...

Family Office
9 June 2021

WEALTH TALK: A Focus On Healthcare Investing And Family Offices

As part of our series of video interviews, we examine the subject of family offices and healthcare...

Family Office
25 May 2021

London Law Firm Launches A Family Office Under New Brand

Bringing a host of private client needs under one roof, Fladgate law firm has launched its own...

Family Office
20 May 2021

Archegos Fell Short Of Being Hedge Fund Or Family Office - Commentary

The failed business - structured as a family office - which caused big losses for certain banks,...

Family Office
26 April 2021

Archegos Fallout: Don't Hit Family Offices With Blanket Red Tape - Comment

Senior private banking figures who regularly comment about family offices argue that calls to...

Family Office
7 April 2021

What Family Offices Want: The View From Barclays, HSBC

We talk to a pair of large banks about the sort of services family offices want and why, and what...

Comment & Analysis results for Family Office

Family Office
30 July 2012

INTERVIEW: Signature - A New Way Of Looking At “New” Wealth

It’s hard to argue with the idea that wealth managers need to stay close to wealth creators....

Family Office
9 July 2012

Wealth In Harmony: Defining "Family Wealth" For All

“Family wealth” is a term used freely in our industry. Unlike “oligarchical wealth” or...

Family Office
22 June 2012

Formalizing The Role Of Family Office As Risk Manager – New FOX Study

A family office’s central role is as a risk manager, says FOX in a new study, and this idea needs...

Family Office
21 June 2012

Exec Directors At SFOs Earning In The Millions, But With Large Variations

Average compensation for executive directors at single family offices is nearly $1.6 million, with...

Family Office
25 May 2012

State Profile: Wealth Managers Hitting Gold In California

In 1848, James Marshall found gold in California, creating a rush of wealth-seekers to the state....

Family Office
24 May 2012

MFO Model: Popular In Theory, Challenging In Practice – New Study

Over three-quarters of financial advisors are interested in the multifamily office model, according...

Family Office
22 May 2012

Joe Reilly Interviews Jim Grubman On The "Thorny Side" Of Wealth Management

Joe Reilly, president of the Family Office Association, recently spoke with Dr Jim Grubman, of...

Family Office
20 April 2012

Big Opportunities For Family Offices In Colombia, Peru, Says GenSpring's Ulloa

The top opportunities today in the growing Latin American wealth management market are in Colombia...

Family Office
21 March 2012

Managing The Wealth Of Sports Stars

The sports industry in the US was worth some $422 billion in 2011 according to one estimate. With...

Family Office
24 February 2012

Exclusive Interview: GenSpring On Unbundling The Integrated Wealth Management Offering

GenSpring Family Offices is well known for its integrated family-office model, so it may be a...