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24 July 2015

Crown Dependency Disclosure Facilities Yield Modest Returns For UK Tax Authority

Yields from the Crown Dependency Disclosure Facilities are lower than HMRC had hoped, according to...

9 July 2015

UK Tax Collectors Move Too Fast In Thinking People Don't Take Reasonable Care In Filing Returns - Report

There is considerable dissatisfaction among tax practitioners around how HMRC in the UK enforces...

2 June 2015

As HMRC Chases More Marginal Tax Evasion Cases, Average Prison Sentence Lengths Decline - Law Firm

A paradoxical effect of more aggressive action against tax evaders by UK authorities has been that...

19 November 2014

UK Politicians Criticise HMRC For Slow Action On Tax Avoidance

The Public Affairs Committee, a select committee of the UK House of Commons responsible for...

11 November 2014

HMRC Collects Record £3.65 Billion From Big-Ticket Tax Avoidance Schemes, Evasion, Fraud

The amount of tax recovered from big-ticket tax avoidance, evasion and fraud by the UK’s HM...

24 October 2014

HMRC Tax Avoidance Demands Top £250 Million

HM Revenue and Customs has sent over 600 notices to tax avoidance scheme users to pay over £250...

20 August 2014

UK Announces New Criminal Offence, Penalties For Offshore Tax Evaders

HM Revenue and Customs has unveiled plans to make it easier to prosecute people who hide money...

18 August 2014

UK Warns Time Is Running Out For EBT Users; Tweaks Liechtenstein Pact, Draws Criticism

A window for UK employers using tax avoidance schemes on remuneration to settle their affairs and...

28 July 2014

UK Tax Regulator Says It’s Time For Users Of Offshore Loan Schemes To Pay Up

HM Revenue and Customs is giving around 16,000 tax avoidance scheme users the opportunity to pay...

17 July 2014

HMRC Reveals Tax Avoidance Scheme Hit List

HM Revenue and Customs has published a list of tax avoidance schemes whose users may be required to...

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