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Trust Estate
10 September 2018

Protecting Wealth Of Millionaire Millennials

Those who are aged under 30 and already fall into the high net worth bracket may have specific...

Trust Estate
24 July 2018

Managing Trustees And Why It Matters

Managing how trustees of charities carry out their responsibilities is essential, and yet there are...

Trust Estate
31 May 2018

Exploring Family Business Transfers, Trust Law In Israel

An article by an authority on the country examines family business transfer examples, and uses of...

Trust Estate
25 April 2018

Court Asserts How Jersey Law Applies In Trust Cases

A senior UK legal body has given advice in a major, long-running Guernsey litigation case involving...

Trust Estate
22 January 2018

UK Government Continues "War On Trusts", Suffocating Sector, Says Law Firm

These stats come as the government continues its tax crackdown, which has seen a drop in legal tax...

Trust Estate
4 January 2018

CONFERENCE PREVIEW: Mastering The Wave Of Change - A View From Switzerland, Liechtenstein

This publication will cover the Swiss and Liechtenstein STEP Federation Conference in January 2018,...

Trust Estate
27 November 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: I'm A Trustee - Get Me Out Of Here

Trust structures provide fertile ground for disputes, particularly those that are familial in...

Trust Estate
24 November 2017

Zurich Breakfast Briefing Preview: Structuring Solutions for The European And UK Marketplace

A Breakfast Briefing is being held in Zurich on 30 November to explore the bewildering array of...

Trust Estate
26 September 2017

Swiss, Liechtenstein STEP Alpine Conference For 2018 Now Open For Bookings

A conference to discuss issues in the trusts and estate planning sector will be held early next...

Trust Estate
20 July 2017

Event Preview: Swiss & Liechtenstein STEP Federation Conference To Be Held 31 Jan-1 Feb, 2018

Industry practitioners in the trusts, estates and wealth structuring world are being invited to...

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