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23 July 2019

Directors Of Foreign Firms: How UK's Non-Dom Regime Applies

The author of this article considers a major aspect of how the UK's resident non-dom regime works. ...

21 June 2019

New Service Targets US CItizens' Tangled Tax Affairs

Sorting the financial affairs of US citizens living in the UK is not for the fainthearted and has...

21 May 2019

Swiss Voters Tighten Cantonal Tax Breaks, Gun Control

In two separate referendum votes, Swiss electors tightened corporate tax breaks at the cantonal...

20 May 2019

UK Inheritance Tax - The Residence Nil Rate Band Headache

This article examines the recent UK changes to UK inheritance tax, and the vexed question of the...

22 April 2019

Compliance Corner: Kenya, Mauritius

The latest compliance issues in wealth management around the world. ...

8 March 2019

"Aggressive" UK Tax Authority Fuels Rising Tribunal Backlog, Says Law Firm

The law firm says that rising numbers of judicial reviews and an "aggressive" HMRC approach are...

14 February 2019

UK More Dazed, Confused Than Ever Over Inheritance Tax

UK taxpayers are becoming more ignorant not less about inheritance tax, and industry watchers say...

25 January 2019

More Sports Players To Hit Tax Trouble - Wealth Advisor

Ronaldo's fine for tax fraud in Spain grabs headlines but he's unlikely to be the last such figure...

23 January 2019

Soccer Star Ronaldo Settles €18.8 Million Tax Fraud Case

An advisor over tax affairs argued that Ronaldo's case should have been heard in the tax courts and...

4 January 2019

China Targets HNW Private Wealth - Report

New Chinese tax laws, aimed at stemming moves of wealth offshore, have kicked in. ...

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6 January 2006

Deferred Annual Incentive Plans in the FTSE 250

This is the third in a series of articles focusing on trends in the remuneration of directors of...

8 August 2005

Escaping the UK Revenue – Lessons from a Sixties Rockstar

High Net Worth Individuals are frequently in and out of the UK, and a recent tax ruling seems to...

25 July 2005

The Dextra Case - Revenue Win in The House of Lords


6 July 2005

Wider Share Ownership Prompted by Tax Changes

The French government has introduced a more favourable regime for the grant of free shares to widen...

6 April 2005

UK Budget Changes - Civil Partnerships and Gift Aid

The Civil Partnership Act 2004 creates an entirely new legal status of civil partner, which...

4 April 2005

Reform of the Accrued Income Scheme


1 April 2005

British Films - New Reliefs and New Restrictions

The UK Chancellor has confirmed that the four measures aimed at preventing perceived abuse of the...

31 March 2005

UK Budget - Changes to Collective Investment Schemes


29 March 2005

A New Way Forward for International Pension Plans

Do you currently advise international assignees working in the UK and participating in a...

28 February 2005

Modernising the Tax System for Trusts: The Basic Rate Band and a New Definition

In August 2004, the UK Inland Revenue published its most recent consultation document relating to...